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I always help those who wants to succeed in their life which also Helps you to make passive Income Online.

Himanshu Ric, founder of TechooTech
Himanshu Ric, founder of TechooTech


Let introduce myself,

I’m Himanshu Ric,

The part-time BloggerAffiliate marketer and Entrepreneur.

I’am from Jhansi (Uttra Pradesh) am a 17 Years old Boy, And a part Time blogger Making a living from This new and dynamic Medium From blogs. I just follow my Passion and look forward to live my life with this Great field of blogging i am happy to pick this and Decided To Make my career Here with My Dream blog.

About The blog

Techootech is my dream blog, Here on my blog i share Articles Related Technology, Gaming, Make money online tips and tricks. I started this blog on 13 july 2019 to share my knowledge of Technology and all those trips and tricks which i Experience in my previous time.

When I start My Own blog and my Journey.

So, Himanshu Ric Here, and I am going to share some Basic Memorable and important part of my life, I have been building blogs and websites since 2017. In that time I have launched several of my own blogs and learn about make money things about blogging in just 2 years.

When i was just 13 years old literally heard about make money work on Youtube, and just try to earn more and more money from websites but i can,t because I didn’t get full knowledge about that work which always matters because If you try to be a engineer, Doctor, Pilot without any knowledge of studies then you can,t Because education is a part of that which always a matters in your life when you want to be a Engineer, Pilot etc.

But Day by day when i start gaining knowledge about these things like Blogging, How to make money online as a freelancer, How to Create mobile Apps, Digital marketing Strategies etc than literally guys these thinks change my life and also It becomes my passion to be a Professional Blogger and entrepreneur.

Why I start my Blog.?

After making many profitable blogs and websites, I think to helps other people to scale there blog and Its my Pleasure to share my experience with this blog. And i am very happy after started this blog to share my knowledge with you guys.

That’s all?

I think you love this,

Your New Best Friend from Now,

Himanshu Ric.

Himanshu Ric

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