Best Motu Patlu fighting games free in 2020

Best Motu Patlu fighting games

Hello Guys, are looking for top motu patlu Games which is very popular in the world. So in this Article I will give a comprehensive Overview of Best Motu Patlu fighting games free in 2019.

In 2019 most of the people start playing Games for entertainment at home or offices. So after Seeing This i also upload this Post for you to play Best Motu Patlu fighting games free in 2019. Motu Paltu is a cartoon show for Kids which is very popular now after chota bheem which is also a popular Show on Pogo. So finally we come with this Gaming Post to entertain you Via Games.

Motu Patlu

Who is Motu and Patlu.?

The Journey the story revolves around Motu and Patlu, the two friends who lives in Furfuri Nagar town.  They Both are very Good Friends and always help people when they are in trouble or in any situation Motu and patlu is an Indian animated television series show which displayed on Nickelodeon.

Motu Has a Habit to Eat samosa when He need power to beat people and Patlu always Try to Bring new Ideas when he need to Do something great for furfuri Nagar people, Motu and  Patlu Inspiring Serial which Show the Power of Friendship. If you want to watch this Serial then Go and watch It on Nicklodeon tv Channel.

click On the Games name link if you want to download these Games.

Best Motu Patlu fighting games free in 2019

1. Motu Patlu Run

Motu patlu

In this game Motu and Patlu have to protect Furfuri Nagar people and its residents when John the Don steals the robbery Gold money from the Furfuri Nagar town Bank. Best and Rush after John the Don as Motu Patlu and on the rest of the team Is usually like Chingam, Ghasitaram and Doctor Jhatka to get your Gold coins back from John the Don.

Can Motu and Patlu with their get back their gold money and save the Furfuri Nagar town Bank from john the son escape.

JOIN this game Now to and Save Furfuri Nagar Town from John the Don Escape. Downloading Link is already Given Just click on the name Game.

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2. Motu patlu Speed Racing

Motu Patlu

In this Motu patlu Speed Racing Game, Motu and Patlu is the Car drivers and travelling to exciting world of Furfuri Nagar Town,Egypt, called Jungle,etc.. and this adventures have so much fun, some dangerous and exciting places in the furfuri nagar town world. The main part and objective in this game is to Race till the end where the level end up to quickly collect some coins as possible to unlock some new features of vehicles and also upgrade some powerups to boost your race.

Join this Game now to enjoy Racing With Motu and Patlu with Some exciting Features of Racing Games.

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3. Motu Patlu King of Hill Racing

Motu patlu

This Game is fully a type pattern of Hill racing Game which allows you to Drive Bike and vehicles on Hill. play more and more to get coins in every finishing race, coins helps you to unlock More Bikes and Vehicles in your Profile, Bikes and Vehicles specially maded by Doctor Jhatka to boost your speed when it needs. This Game is a Beautiful art of Adventure with super stunt and racing tracks in every levels.

JOIN this Game Now to enjoy Racing Adventure of Hill climb racing game with Motu and paltu.

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4. Motu Patlu Cycling Adventure

Motu patlu

Just Go and start cycling with Motu and paltu in this cycling adventure Game with Motu and Patlu from Furfuri nagar Town through the scenic village, Help them fast to win the Race in furfuri nagra town By using some best cycles which you want after wining the Race you also get some Coins to unlock some exciting Features like motorcars, pedestrians, cycles etc.

JOIN this Game Fast and Help motu patlu to win the cycling Race in every season which helps you to get some Coins.

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5. Motu patlu Cooking

Motu patlu

In this Game Motu Patlu Cooking, Full of featured with restaurants where Motu and paltu and his friends need to cook Dishes for their Customers to earn money and Complete challenges by getting Sales with Friends, made Dishes by their Limited time and serve it to your Customers.

So Here is the talking point that I like this one game most, I always play this game in my free time period which also makes me happy after playing this game.

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6. Motu Patlu Bike Race

Motu patlu

So Here Motu patlu Racing Game which is also a Trending game in motu patlu series, you also can Shoot and some Exploding Rockets, use slow down waves and send out portals to teleport players who are behind, Also use magic hourglass to slow down time for your opponents or fast up your speed. You can Drop deadly punch boxes in your wake to slow down your competitors which is also a good part of game.

Activate your characters and choose favourite vehicles in the race for a quick boost is the best part of the game which is also a interesting part of the game as well. Collect money and Upgrade the Scooter Type Items like, Cycle, Bullet and the M80 with in game currency rewards.

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7. Motu Patlu Cricket Game

Motu Patlu

Here Motu and Patlu is competing in a cricket match which is so amazing. you can play with your favourite character which allows you change your dress colour in  grounds as well, You just need to Tap the screen to swing the bat as the ball comes towards him and try to aim for the numbers on the scoreboard to score more and more runs which is so great.

As you all know cricket is the trending sport in world wide so its pretty amazing to see motu patlu while playing cricket match, so just download the game and enjoy your favourite game.

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8. Clash of clans.

Motu paltu

Clash of clans is one of Worlds Best online Game Which allows you to play this game with your friends, Build your Town Hall upgrade your troops and Buildings join Higher League like titan, champion, cristal, Gold and many more to enjoy this Game for life time.

If you Don,t know how to Play clash of clans  Then read this article till at the end

This game is fully depends on your activeness that how much you play and build your Own town.

This Game is set in a fantasy Themed persistant by World where The player is a King of Village and get upgrade their Town and building Which he/she Wants by according Their Time.

The main part of a Game is Resources (Gold , elixer , and Dark elixer ) The resources Gained from attacking other Player through The Game Fighting Features.

You can join to create clans and group up to fifty people where you can chat and message with them and play war with other clans which called enemy.

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Motu Patlu Toys Review

Here are some Kids toys which is useful for your small new born baby, The toys are very soft and so good if you are using these toys for playing purpose then its a good ides for you.


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