Top 10 Best washing machine under 15000 in 2020

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washing machine under 15000
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 Some Benefits of using Washing 

Time to time When people start picturing washing their clothes without electricity they imagine bringing their clothes down to the river or creek start popping up in their mind, taking out the washboard, and vigorously scrubbing their clothes until they are clean.

It sounds time-consuming and tiring, and just downright awful. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, there are plenty of washing machines on the market now that do not require electricity to run and still manage to keep your clothes clean and fresh.

These 10 washing machines are mainly comprised of three parts, a containment section that holds all of the parts as well as the water and soap together, a colander like section or drainage pipe for disposing of wastewater, and some type of agitator for spinning or mixing the clothes.

Top 10 Best washing machine under 15000 in 2020
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Are you excited now to see the list of Top 10 Best washing machine under 15000 in 2020.?

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10 Best washing machine under 15000

1. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

washing machine under 15000
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Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL top load washing machine is a fully customized automatic washing machine. This washing machine is packed with also some great wash features, also has a 32 kg weight. The weight capacity of this washing machine is 6.2 Kg that easily washes your daily bases clothes, dresses, etc. The Samsung washer easily ensures that it easily clean any type of clothes quality.

The manufacturer also provides you with this washing machine 6 wash program that easily suits for your all types of washing requirements. This washing machine also uses the latest Centre Jet Pulsator washing method for cleansing of clothes. With the quick access wash support this washing machine allows you to wash your clothes faster. Also, you can dry your clothes in it.

It cleans your clothes carefully by removing tough stains. With the maximum RPM of 700. this washing machine allows you to dry your clothes too faster. The manufacturer used in this washing machine a very hard stainless steel drum that specially designed for lesser abrasion of laundry.

The upper part’s holes in this washing machine’s rum help you to get rid of lint and residue. This washing machine has a digital display that keeps you updated about the wash cycle time and various washing stages. Here you can also select your water level which level you want, to wash your clothes. and The Water level selector helps ensures adequate water for washing different laundry loads.

The Samsung Top load fully automatic washing machine consumes 380 Watts of power. Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL Top load fully automatic washing machine gives cleaner and fresher clothes. After one wash you can see the awesome results.

some additional features

Detergent Box Type: Powder

Softener Box: Inside Balancer

Base Type: Low


Magic Filter


Cold Tab: Cold Only

Auto Restart

Standby Zero Power


Brand Samsung
Model WA62M4100HY/TL
Capacity 6.20 Kilograms
Colour Imperial Silver
Voltage 220 Volts

2. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN, White)

washing machine under 15000
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Bosch 6.5 Kg WOE654W0INe washing machine is an awesome washing machine that is designed with an Intelligent power wave wash system. This awesome system/feature allows you a perfect wash quality due to its innovative pulsator design, dynamic water flow, and innovative drum movement.

This washing machine also has a lid that shuts gently so it will protect the hands from any kind of unexpected injury and also avoids any slam noise. While its see-through toughened glass lid is solid and strong to withstand heavy-weight. This product comes first in our bosch washing machine price list.

This washing machine has it’s own Memory of back up feature which easily resumes the washing cycle from the point it stopped during a power failure. Furthermore, the Bosch has a Magic filter feature that effectively gathers the lint and fluff so your laundry stays cleaner.

It has a one-touch start feature based on the load added so that the machine will automatically choose the right wash program at a press of a button. This washing machine has more features and before those features, I told those are little bit features of this washing machine. You can find more features by using this regularly.

This washing machine has dual Dispenser which uses liquid or powder detergents and that ensures good solubility of the detergent and provides better wash results. The Bosch washing machine India can perform at low water pressure so that it is an ideal washing machine for places where water pressure is an issue. Grab this washing machine online by clicking the button below.

The manufacturer also added a Child lock feature that will enable you to lock all the keys which prevent the setting from being changed by your child.


Brand Bosch
Model WOE654W0IN
Capacity 6.50 Kilograms
Colour White
Voltage 230 Volts

3. Whirlpool 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL 6.2, Shiny Grey, Hard Water Wash)

washing machine under 15000
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This Whirlpool 6.2 KG fully automatic top loading Washing Machine is an awesome machine that takes care of your almost every clothes, if not all, aspect of cleaning dirty laundry so you are not inconvenienced in any way. It has boasted features such as the Power Scrub Technology which easily creates the kind of agitation needed to get rid of tough dirt from clothes.

The Hard Water Wash feature allows you to adapts the operation of the washer when it is filled with hard water, and the Spa Wash System which gives clothes a gentle treatment. Here in this washing machine the manufacturer also added the Easytech feature which automatically senses any ‘blocks’ in voltage or water conditions during a wash cycle.

Power Scrub Technology

This washing machine has a 3-spring-loaded technology that creates a kind of agitation needed to knock tough dirt out of clothes so they have ensured a thorough wash, every single time.

Hard Water Wash

The Hard Water Wash feature helps you to maintain the freshness and softness of your costly clothes. It will work, by adapting the operations of the washing machine when it is filled with hard water.

Spa Wash System

In this washing machine system, here your clothes are given the gentle treatment of the washer’s and this machine was specially designed prime move-and-drum combination which offers 40% less dangling than before. This washing machine also has 50% fewer holes than other ordinary washer’s drum, providing a smooth wash, plus reduction of lint in clothes while they are in the washer.

Express Wash

This feature is convenient for when you are doing clothes that are just slightly soiled. The Express Wash feature cleans clothes faster than ever. and it helps save energy and detergent.


Brand Whirlpool
Capacity 6.20 Kilograms
Colour Shiny Grey
Voltage 230 Volts

4. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr, Grey)

This Godrej 6.2 KG fully-Automatic washing machine has too many features that help you to wash your branded and costly clothes easily. The manufacturer also added in this washing machine very efficient features. It delivers machine users more productivity in less time. This machine comes with different wash programs that help you a lot to prevent your clothes from getting damaged. Selecting any program it helps you to wash your clothes according to your convenience in no time.

It scrubs and washes your clothes gently and carefully so that you don’t have to worry about your clothes. This washing machine also removes stains with ease, eliminating the need to scrub them separately. Besides the features mentioned, it also comes with some other features such as Child Lock, Active Soak, and more.

5 Wash Programs
The manufacturer also provides you in this washing machine 5 wash programs and that lets you wash your clothes according to your convenience. for example, if you are washing woolen clothes, you can select the woolen program and let the machine do the job. This machine also keeps your clothes safe from premature wear and tear, as it washes them according to the type of program you have selected.
i-Wash Technology

I-Wash Technology makes it user-friendly Because It calculates, soaks and even dries your clothes at one press of a button. It is also designed to select the best wash program for your clothes automatically.

Active Soak

We all know how difficult it is to remove any tea and coffee stains from clothes. But now you can bid goodbye to these stains without putting any manual effort because this machine easily removes those stains. The wash programs in this washing machine come with their own in-built automatic soak time of 5-8 mins. This ensures that the stains are removed from your clothes without any trace.

Auto-restart and Backup

If there is any power failure, you do not have to worry about resetting the program settings again because they are automatically saved. So, after electricity is restored, it will start again from where it had stopped. This saves you both time and effort.

Turbo 6 Pulsator

It is equipped with Turbo 6 Pulsator that creates water turbulence. This enables it to give your clothes a powerful yet gentle wash.


Brand Godrej
Model WT EON 620 A Gp Gr
Capacity 6.20 Kilograms
Colour Grey
Voltage 230 Volts

5. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

washing machine under 15000
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Whirlpool 7 KG Whitemagic Royal Plus is an advanced Fully Automatic washing machine that comes with *6TH SENSE SMART TECHNOLOGY that automatically senses the laundry weight and recommends detergent so that you don’t have to think about it. This top-loading washing machine comes with the Power Scrub Technology that creates its superior agitations to help knock off tough dirt and give a thorough wash, every time.

It comes with several functional features like an express wash, water sensors, smart lint filter and detergent recommendation in this washing machine make washing clothes an easy job. The manufacturer also provides a 12-wash program and 740 rpm spin speed in this washing machine. This machine designed to fulfill all your daily requirements. The machine also comes with an intuitive back panel. It can also adapt the operations for washing in hard water, maintaining the softness and color of your clothes.

This Whirlpool machine comes with ZPF technology to fill tub 50% faster even when the pressure is as low as 0.017MPa it will work better.

Magic Lint Filter

The manufacturer also adds this feature in this washing machine but that is Invisible to the naked eye. And the most amazing part is that this advanced magic lint filter automatically collects and cleans the lint from the machine during the spin cycle of every wash with the help of its centrifugal force. This automatic feature removes the need for any manual intervention from your side.

Hard Water Wash

Whirlpool washing machines adopt the operations for washing in hard water by sensing the water type and adapting the wash cycle to give you up to 20%*


To resolve water pressure situations, Whirlpool presents ZPF Technology. Zero Pressure. Fill technology ensures that the washtub gets filled 50%^^ faster even if the water pressure is as low as.17mpa.

12 Wash Programs

The 12 wash programs are designed to wash different fabric types perfectly.

Spiro Wash

Now get 20% better cleaning with the new Spiro Wash Action. This advanced Wash motion washes clothes in a unique circular motion giving it a complete through a wash.

123 wash

These Machines come with an easy to use 3 button control panel to take care of your washing needs. All you need to press is any key of 1-2-3 and the machine’s intelligence takes over to deliver the perfect wash.

Auto Tub Clean

This feature automatically cleans the inner walls of the tub by reusing the water used in the wash cycle.

Delay Wash

By allowing a 3-24 hours delay in the wash cycle, the delay wash program enables you to set the time for your laundry to finish at your convenience. So you can take out time for other things.


Brand Whirlpool
Capacity 7 Kilograms
Colour Grey
Voltage 230 Volts

6. AmazonBasics 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Grey/Black, Full Metal body, LED Display)

washing machine under 15000
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AmazonBasics 6.5 KG fully automatic top load washing machine is designed to deliver all efficient performance at an affordable price. This machine also enabled with a Fuzzy Logic wash system and which measures the wash load. After that, it automatically calculates the level of water and soap needed to provide an efficient wash cycle.

The sturdy stainless steel drum is capable of handling high spin cycles allowing the clothes to dry in the machine as much as possible. The manufacturer also provides you 10 wash programs to choose from; including delay timer and rinse/hold function, this AmazonBasics top-loading washing machine is a smart solution to having effortlessly clean clothes every day.

Low Vibration

It comes with a sturdy and stable built that barely vibrates during the washing process.

Stainless Steel Drum

Here you can also see Stainless Steel Drum and with the Diamond, technology handles high spin speeds, it ensures better drying without damage.

One-Touch Wash

It also Equipped with LED panel and Fuzzy Logic enabling a one-touch wash cycle, these things making it extremely easy to operate.

Tub Cleaning

The thoughtful tub cleaning function allows you to regularly clean the tub without a load of clothes.

Product’s feature

Brand AmazonBasics
Model AB6FAFL009
Capacity 6.50 Kilograms
Colour Dark Grey
Batteries Required No

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