Can I use a glass bowl in my air fryer? Is it safe

Mostly People are too much obsessed with foods and new dishes like me and want to know if  “Can i use a glass bowl in my air fryer?

And i know you guys are so much confused while listening people different suggestion and videos,

But you don’t have to be confused from now because here in the article i’m going clear your all doubts regarding this topic.

Is really my bowl can cause fire while in my air fryer ? or it can maintain my food safe.

Okay let’s find out.

Can I use a glass bowl in my air fryer
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As much we have researched and experienced ‘Yes’ you guys can put a glass bowl in your air fryer but there are few things you need to make sure before putting in.

your glass bowl must be thick and also you need test it before putting some food in it, So that you be able to see whether it’s fine or not.

In few cases people do use very light weight glass bowl’s which causes fire and harm their foods plus air fryers.

The very important thing you need to understand is temperature of your air fryer, I know it’s quite difficult to understand and make yourself sure whether it can burn my glass bowl or not, but you really need to test your empty bowl first if you are in doubt.

So as you know we have answered the most asking question, Now it’s time to move and look forward at all other queries which comes around.

And before moving on, I just want to let you know that we also have one similar article about using steel bowl in an air fryer over here. which can be your alternative choice with metal bowl etc.

Can I use a glass bowl in my air fryer?

Yes you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer without any fear. But before putting it into the air fryer make sure that the glass bowl is oven safe or not.

Note: You must also check the bowl before placing it in the fryer to see if the glass bowl is cold or not because it can cause thermal stress and break the Pyrex.

You can also heat up the bowl little bit with mild hot water before using it in an air fryer for added safety.

The main reason why you should be little careful is because the temperature of the air fryer rises too much within a few minutes and most of the ordinary glass bowl will not be able to withstand, and at the end it can cause shatter or explosion.

That’s why it’s always a better option to check the label and put it in an air fryer without food.

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How to ensure that the Glass bowl will not break in the Air fryer?

If you really want to ensure the safety of your Glass bowl in the air fryer then you must have to follow some precaution that will allow you extra safety. so without further ado let me tell you the precautions 😉

First Precaution: Don’t change Temperature suddenly

As I said earlier when it comes to air fryers and glass items you should always be aware of the temperature because sudden temperature change is the primary cause of glass breaking.

After a test we have found that if you ever put a glass bowl full of leftover food from the freezer to the air fryer then it will cause glass shattering.

Solution: To ensure it’s safety all you have to do is wait for the glass to come to room temperature and after that at the lowest possible temperature you can put it in the air fryer.

Basically an oven safe glass bowls can easily withstand 350 F to 450 F but you should always read the label properly to know the limits of the bowl before using it.

Second Precaution: Always use Oven-safe Glass or Tempered Glass

There are some glasses that can withstand oven temperature but glasses that are made for drinking and serving are typically not made to withstand oven temperatures.

That’s why you should never put these glasses in the air fryer, unless they are specifically labeled as oven safe. But still we prefer oven-safe or tempered glass bowl that can withstand a much higher temperature than normal glass bowls.

How to do Glassware Durability Test in your Air Fryer

Though if you have a oven safe glass bowl but I would suggest that before using a glass bowl properly with food you should always run some durability test on them for extra safety.

Reason behind it: 

The durability test will ensure that if the glass bowl will be safe with food or it will hold up the heat before cooking any food in it.

So to do the tests you have to follow some steps that I am gonna tell below:

  1. First all you have to do is put the empty glass bowl into your Air fryer.
  2. Then set the heat of the fryer at it’s maximum temperature.
  3. Now just let the bowl stay in there for the same time as the dish you are gonna prepare in it first to see if its hold up heat or not.

Now do this test for several times to ensure that the glass bowl or glass item remains durable or not throughout the whole process and all the temperature changes.


Thank you for reading our article and i hope you guys are fully sure now which of the terms you really need to make sure in your minds before using glass bowl in your air fryers.

In most of the terms you can use your bowl cause now days glass bowls comes up with more thick body which makes air fryer more safer while using it for foods purpose.

There are lot people out there who will confuse you everyday over your bowl thickness, but texting your bowl first can make it more easier to let yourself know is really the bowl can be worthy to be used for your air fryer out there.

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