Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer? – is it really good ?

If you wanna know weather aluminum foil is good or not…or if you have such question like ‘Can I use aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer?’ then read this article completely to know every single things in details about Aluminum Foil and it’s uses.

Lately but over the last few years Air fryer become one of the most useful item in the kitchen. The best point about an air fryer is they are so handy, convenient, easy to use, and highly effective small kitchen appliance.

Because of it’s various sizes you can choose an air fryer according to your needs and family members. Mostly people use an air fryer to cook roasted vegetables, making perfectly cooked tater tots, or frozen French fries, etc.

After becoming very good at using this you can also make some main dishes, and healthy foods more quickly without having to heat your conventional oven!

Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer?

Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer
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In one word if I have to answer this question “Can you use aluminum foil in the air fryer?” then yes you can use Aluminum Foil in an Air fryer so easily without any fear but before that you must know the safest way to use aluminum foil in the air fryer.

However sometimes this also depends on the brand/model you are using and what kind of food you are using.

Basically an Air fryers use only hot air instead of radiating heat so it won’t effect on the foil, also the temperature is not that much which would cause the foil to light on fire or melt.

Also by putting a layer of foil in the bottom of the air fryer basket where your food sits in (not the bottom of the air fryer itself), you can cleaning up 10x faster when it comes to washing it/cleaning it.

Points that you must remember while using foil in the air fryer…

Things to remember while using foil in the air fryer

  • Only put foil in the basket:

The most important thing that you must have to remember before using foil is in an air fryer is to only put it in the basket. Such as if you place the foil in the bottom of the drawer then it may get blown around and at the end it will ultimately dislodge.

And if you have a unlucky day then the foil could blow onto the heating element, overheat, and potentially start a fire. So in-short don’t ever try to preheat the air fryer with a foil-lined basket.

  • Use heavy foods that can weigh down the foil

Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer
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If the food you are gonna put is not heavy enough to keep the foil in the right place then it will end up blowing around in the machine.

  • Strictly Avoid acidic foods on aluminum foil

For your kind information let me tell you that Aluminum is always very reactive with highly acidic ingredients and it always reacts negatively with any acidic ingredients (Acidic Food items such as lemons, limes, tomatoes, tomato sauce, or vinegar). 

After the reaction between them you will actually get small specks of aluminum in your food which is not servable.

Note: Also avoid using foods with high levels of salt, as this can create a similar challenge.

  • Turn the foil into a sling

Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer
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If you really wanna use foil then one of the best and safest ways to do is by creating slings. Btw for safety reason you can create a long piece of foil and then fold it twice to create a narrow strip.

Basically you can use this as handles to put something into the air fryer, and then you can just easily tuck those handles in, and when the food is finished, you can then simply take those handles and pull the food out again.

  • Use it to elevate the food

For your kind information let me tell you that foil can also be used to bring food closer to the heating element. This will also allows you cook your food 2x faster with a good result of real brown crust, in case if you are cooking a steak then.

Are there any health risks of using Aluminum foil?

Can I use Aluminum Foil in my Air Fryer
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It’s still unknown for us that aluminum foil in the air fryer is safe for us or not. After all Air fryers are also a new kitchen appliance that become so popular recently, That’s why whether or not the use of foil in the air fryer makes it more toxic or not has not been fully confirmed yet.

There are reports and many studies found that aluminum foil in general has some levels of toxicity and high exposure to it can have a detrimental effect on your health.

However you should also know the only good thing about aluminum foil is, here the amount of aluminum we are exposed to through our food in a low level, and not considered harmful.

But still so user blamed that the amount of aluminum in your food is increased with the use of aluminum foil.

Overall if I say then aluminum foils are not that toxic that some people think but the use of aluminum foil can increase your exposure to aluminum in your diet.

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