Can you use an air fryer as a microwave?

So guys now a common question that came in your head is can you use an air fryer as a microwave? or Can An Air Fryer Replace A Microwave?

Well don’t worry cause today in this article we are gonna tell you about the air fryer vs microwave and do we really have to buy both or we can just use an air fryer as as a microwave. Also I will tell you that which one of them will be better as a kitchen appliances.

Btw in one word if you wanna know then “YES” you can run an air fryer as a microwave. However it’s also true that you may also see a slight difference between the results, After all the two are various appliances.

The most common thing between these two appliances is in both appliances you will no need any oil or need less oil to cook. Btw a microwave will be always good if you want to reheat food without added texture but in case you want to make the food crispy or crunchy then an air fryer will be the best option to have.

Okay okay without further ado let me tell you the uses of these appliances so that you will more understand about their work…

How does a microwave work?

can you use an air fryer as a microwave
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Basically a microwave cause water molecules in food to vibrate, and produces heat inside of it to cook the food properly. This is one of the reasons why foods that contain more water (such as vegetables) can be cooked faster than any other food in microwave. Microwave energy is converted to heat because it is absorbed by the food and does not “radiate” or “contaminate” the food.

Though the heat is produced completely in the food that you entered but microwave ovens do not cook food from the “inside out”.

However when you put thick food for cooking then only the outer layers are heated and cooked primarily by microwave but the inner layer only gets heat from the hot outer layer. In case of microwave the food cook faster because it the energy heats only the food, not the whole oven compartment, so in other way this is even more energy efficient than conventional cooking.

In a microwave you can easily materials like Glass, paper, ceramic, or plastic containers without worrying because most of the microwaves pass through these materials. However before using any plastic material make sure that the plastic material is hard enough that can stand the microwave’s heat properly.

How does a Air fryer work?

can you use an air fryer as a microwave
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An air fryer is a like another version countertop convection oven but as definition you can tell that an air fryer is a small electric appliance with a heating element and a fan that blows hot air inside of the air fryer. The good thing about an air fryer is in the air fryer the air is swirled very quickly in a circular fashion, and with the help of this the hot air will reach all of the surfaces of the food and creating a crisp crust.

One more thing that makes an air fryer a good cooking appliances is an air fryer doesn’t have much space between the walls of the chamber, and this is why the basket intensifies the heat more easily.

The good fact about this is when the temperature in the air fryer rises above 320 Fahrenheit, not only the normal temperature food but also frozen foods like frozen chicken tender or breadless starchy items like french fries or tater tots will turn brown in a few minutes.

Btw you can easily set the temperature and put the food in the cooking drawer, and the heating element and the heat spreading fan will do the rest work like cooking the food that you entered in the fryer.

What kind of food does each produce?


The main difference between microwave and air fryer is…

The microwave’s method of cooking allows it to heat or cook food a lot faster than other methods in the kitchen but however in this process your food won’t get any crispy texture to the food.

On the other hand air fryer’s way of cooking applies hot air to the outside of the food you are cooking. This way your food will also get a completely different crispier taste which is healthy and also not oily. So in short an air fryer will be a perfect appliances for cooking food that you want to have more of a texture and a bite to it.

So in this way air fryer is much more versatile option than microwave.

Is an Air Fryer Safer Than a Microwave Oven?

can you use an air fryer as a microwave
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As I said earlier than an air is a lot similar like an traditional convection oven, and also unlike a microwave which uses infrared radiation or microwave radiation to cook food. So yeah basically an air fryer circulate hot air around the food to dry it out, giving it a crisp surface.

Air fryers are also able to significantly reduce a good amount of transfats and also brings more health benefits which  aren’t highlighted as often as they should.

It also helps to reduce the formation of acrylamide, which is potentially harmful compound linked to the development of cancer and can be found in foods that are rich in certain carbohydrates.

What about microwave ovens?

However in case of microwave there are many studies that found that the acrylamide content of carbohydrate-rich foods increased when you cook in a microwave. Acrylamide levels vary depending on how long the food was in the microwave oven and the power at which the device was set.

Is an Air Fryer work like a Microwave?

in one word if you want the answer then “yes” you can use air fryer as a microwave. So without worrying about anything just put food in the air fryer basket or the shelves of an air fryer oven, just like you would use the plate of the microwave to cook or reheat food.

All you have to do is understand the timing to get your food completely cooked.

What will be better Air Fryer Or Microwave?

Of course it depends on the food you are gonna cook and what kind of results you want from it, but even then if you don’t use the microwave too much and you can make it with an air fryer to fill the gap then yes an air fryer can be your perfect microwave option.

If you want our recommendation then yeah you should go with an air fryer because almost every food items you can with air fryer including some that you can do with microwave.

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