Best chhota bheem games download in 2020

So Finally we are back with our New article which is Specially for Children’s and game Lovers, Now days The trend of Chhota bheem in our Countries is increasing and the demands of Game For Kids is also gone up, So After seeing this we made this article only for you guys the Best chhota bheem games in 2020. 

Chhota bheem wala games
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About Chhota Bheem

Chhota bheem is a Very Popular Cartoon in the World, who have Billions of Fans around the world. Actually i am also a Big Fan of Chhota bheem where Bheem and His friends Raju, Chutki, Kaliya, Jaggu, Dholu and Bholu live Together in the same Village called Dholakpur. The Cartoon is always revolves around Bheem only, Due to Bheem young age, A nine year old boy who is brave and strong plus intelligent in Dholakpur Village.

After talking These all characters and the Info of Chhota bheem, We are ready to show you some Best chhota bheem games in 2020, which helps you to find your Better Game in the Category of Chhota bheem Games. We also Have some Games which is specially for Doraemon game lovers,

So if you want to play some more games of Doraemon then click here to get those all games in your Android and IOS smart phones.

Best Chota bheem Games in 2020

1. Chhota bheem Race game

Chhota bheem wala games
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Chhota bheem Race game is a Racing game, which is specially maded for Kids. In this game Chhota bheem is a Main character where he drives a Cars and Collect some points threw their Driving, Points are the main part of this game because if you need to upgrade something in the Game then you just need to Invest some coins over their.

Chhota bheem race Game is a very popular in the category of Car racing games like Car driving, Hill climb racing, Beach buggy, Need for speed, Highway car racing and Dr driving etc.

2. Chhota Bheem Speed Racing

Chhota Bheem wala games
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Chhota bheem Speed racing Game is a trending game now which has more then 50 lacks plus download in playstore. if you guys Are really like some racing games then this game only for you guys download this game from playstor and enjoy your Day. features of this Game is very nice overall 24 plus cars, Adventure of 6 Maps Petra, Bali, Incan, Kathhmandu, Dholakpur, and Shinobi etc, 6 Different super powers, Daily Rewards and many more as well.

Full of Adventure and many more secret Places which is hidden, you guys just need to Download this game and find these all hidden places from maps and get reward in daily bases. If you are uze lover of chhota bheem games then this game is really gonna special for you cheers.

3. Chhota Bheem Jungle Run

Chhota Bheem wala games
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Chhota bheem jungle Run game is a Adventure game which helps you to Create a enjoyment of Running game like super mario, temple Run, Survey surfer etc, These all games are very popular in the world Which also have millions of Download and more then users as well. So if you want to play this Chhota bheem jungle run game game in your smart phone then you just need to click on the Button below.

Features of this game is very classic and Smooth with great graphics and fun animations, Power ups and some basic upgrade to increase your level up,  Avoid Bad Jungle animals to continue your game and for earn more points in the game.

4. Chhota Bheem : The Hero

Chhota Bheem wala games
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This Chhota Bheem : The Hero game is a action game which is very popular and Good as well. The game allows you to kills your enemy and earn some points which helps you to upgrade your Guns and Power ups, Each enemy has their own specific power which indicates you how the type of Enemy it is and how to beat as well, So if you are good in playing these types of action games then Go with this Download link in the below and enjoy this game in your mobile phone.

Game features are very interesting which have Epic defenses, 50 levels of glorious victories against Dholakpur enemies, Amazing graphics with Nice Sound track, Upgrade and customize your Strategies by playing more and more, Build your own army etc and many more.

5. Chhota Bheem Surfer – Mumbai

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The story of this ame is,Chhota bheem get a portal watch from the Professor Shastri Dhoomketoo. So choota bheem wear the watch in his hand, after wearing the watch the portal watch sent him into Mumbai city. There he casually walk on the way but suddenly a thief stole his watch and walk on the way.

After seeing this that his watch was stolen by the thief Chhota bheem started running after him. He tried to get the watch back in anyway. The thief also running over railway station and sudden he get up into a train. But chhota bheem can’t so running after the train. Seeing this the police inspector (Pandu Havaldar) chasing after chhota bheem and here the game is started.

Help you to get back Chhota Bheem portal Watch

– You have to RUN as fast as you can.
– Also have to EVADE oncoming Mumbai Locals.
– To avoid Obstacles JUMP & DUCK.

Avoid oncoming Trains

– You have to Jump over and under Obstacles.
– Use a selection of Frisbees to get more additional lives.
– Ride on Rockets
– you have to Collect Coins to get Multipliers
– you can get Past Stations in Mumbai by collecting the Letters

– also Surf by using Colorful Frisbees.
– It has Incredible Powerups functions.
– Boost up your Score
– You can Participate in many events

6. Chhota Bheem Talking Toy

Chhota bheem wala games
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This game is best game for your children to learn anything with fun. In this game you can play with your favorite hero choota bheem, make him dance, you can play music musical Instruments with chhota bheem, also give him a bath and also put him to sleep. By play nursery rhymes your children learn about it with fun. You can also dreess up bheem into his many many avatars and travel to various destinations.

Chhota Bheem in dancing room

-In the living room you want to go into the dancing room, then you have to just click on the Ipod option in the Living Room (home screen). After that Bheem play his favorite tunes for 5 seconds and dance on the tunes.

Chhota Bheem in Nursery Room

Here you can play your favorite rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider and more like this. You can also learn to count in english.

Chhota Bheem in Music Room
Here Chhota Bheem plays his favorite music or tunes on his Keyboard and Xylophone, Play along with him.

A Special Feature – Holi Room

In this Holioom you can Celebrate Holi with Chhota bheem and here you also see some new toys like pichkari and water balloons etc.

Living room toys

Chhota Bheem enjoys his Football, His Cricket Kit , A Bubble Blower and his Party Whistle

Feed room
After Level Up you can Unlock multiple food items. To get more food items you have to go on food store.

Chhota Bheem in Washroom

In this room you can Brush Bheem’s teeth and also take a bath or shower.

– Bheem goes to sleep when switching off the lights

– Added Facebook integration to get your profile pic
– Allowing facebook also gets you a free character “Chhota Bheem – Holi costume”
– Choose your favorite Chhota Bheem Avatar
– Select a new Home theme A Royal Theme, A Cricket Theme or Holi

If you want more details them you have to download this game which gave a lot of fun…

7. Chhota Bheem Race Game

Chhota Bheem wala games
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In this game you can play with all your favorite characters (Super Bheem, Raju Mighty, Super Chutki, Bheem, Raju, Chutki, Kalia, Bholu Dholu, Jaggu etc.). Here you also use awesome and varied weapons which help you to get victory. This weapon will help you to defeat your opponents and by jumping over obstacles to escape from your favorite Bheem character.

Weapons: – Shoot a missile, send Vetal Ghost to the teleport player in the background, use the magic clock to slow down your opponent’s time.

Drop deadly boxes to slow down your opponents.

With your character, you can use various great weapons like Belan, Dundee, Cricket Bat, Macey, Trishul and Mace.

You can win the trophy by racing and trying to be top.

8. Chhota Bheem Cricket World Cup Challenge

Chhota bheem wala games
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This is a awesome game for all Chhota Bheem fans because it’s allow you to play with Chhota Bheem games. In this game you can see the world  cup series which playing by chhota bheem games and his full team. Score as much as you can with 2 wickets in your hand in Free Hit or take part in 100 amazing challenges designed to excite you in Challenge Mode.

This is a type of unique game of cricket with amazing batting mechanics!

So Dholakpur is celebrating the world cup fever. If you want to play Chhota bheem games than come and join with Bheem and his friends in this epic cricket challenge. By spending more time you can unlock more characters to play by collecting medals. Face off against epic challenges set before you.

– This is an excellent batting mechanics
– Easy controls make it everyone’s game.
– The awesome 3D environment.
– You have to unlock Tons of characters
– There are 100+ challenges to face

9. Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Official Game

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This game is a official game which based on chhota bheem kung fu dhamaka film. Chhota Bheem is armed with a passion to take down his enemies with the style of Kung Fu. This game allow you to fight with your favorite characters to win against all the odds at different stages in the game. It has so many characters to select anyone.

So now Chhota Bheem is now packed as an action adventure game in which the characters are lined up to battle against with each other. The Kung Fu Game is a sheer display of fury as Chhota Bheem unravels his journey in the Story Mode Criteria of the game.

-Here in this game, Kung Fu Dhamaka from Chhota Bheem games provides many different environments for battle

-You can also choose your favorite player and also test others skills.

-Here you can travel worth exploring while Choota Bheem plunges into the Chinese world and fights with the sharpest enemies

– Also Pitch your character skills and complete your daily achievements by earning points

10. Super Bheem Clash

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From the creators of Chhota Bheem Games; Super Bheem: Clash is a scandalous game where Super Bheem faces waves of enemies and trying to penetrate the kingdom. There y the hero Bheem can save the day with Bheem’s kung fu powers.

Here you can use all Super Bheem’s martial art moves, and also unleash the super powers on the puny minions and send them back to where they came from. When you return to the Dhamaka special forces and watch the spectacle, when Super Bheem whoops the bad guys in a great way.

Feature List:
–  This is easy to controls game
– It has too good amazing 3D world
– The Special Dragon Power Ups with many Spectacular Animations
– The Slow-Motion Action Attacks make this game perfect
–  There are Varieties of Costumes to choose and Play
– You have to Complete Achievements
– Compete in the Tournament mode

Chhota bheem Toys

Here are some chhota bheem toys for kids, Which helps your Kids to full their Playing needs in the form of Indoor games. New each and every small Kids are very excited to watch chhota bheem in their TV’s and Mobile phones because they Love it a lot, So why not these kids did’t like these Chhota bheem Toys- I think ofcourse they Like it very much as in the form of toy as well.


Chhota bheem games Video

That’s It in the post i hope you guys enjoy our Post of Best chhota bheem games in 2020, which helps you to find your best chhota bheem game in 2020.

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