Do Air fryers make Noise ? How to fix a Rattling Noise ?

There are a few different types of air fryers in the market, but they all have something in common: they make a lot of noise!

Whether you have an air fryer, deep fryer or other type of fryer, it’s quite noisy while it’s heating up.

Have you ever noticed your air fryer making a rattling or clanking noise?

You’re not alone – I used to think mine was broken because it makes loud noise, but in my opinion, it was just a sound coming from the food which is under in my air fryer and yes it make noise but not that much so that your ear will start paining.

But what’s that noise? It might sound like a bunch of nuts or perhaps some kind of metal scraping against metal!

But you don’t need to worry about anything cause we are here for you and will answer all these questions for what you guys are confused for.

let’s find out.

How To Stop My Air Fryer From Making A Rattling Noise ?

Do Air fryers make Noise ? How to fix a Rattling Noise ?
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The reason why your air fryer makes this noise is because of the fan which is inside of it. When you turn it on and the oil heats up, it will make a lot of noise because the motor turning very fast. So must need make sure to let the oil heat up.

Sometimes it can be hard to hear the sound of the motor. But if you’re really trying to listen it then turn the fryer off, wait a few minutes and then turn it on back. This will help you to hear the sound a lot better.

Also, when you hear the sound of the motor at a lower volume, it means that the oil is almost done heating up. So, you can’t let it heat up all the way.

Other than that, here is one more way to reduce the noise:

Take the lid off and then turn the burner on, This will cool down the oil very quickly because the motor is usually very hot, so it needs a little bit of time to cool down.

Air fryer Making Noise ? What is the Reason behind

As you know, the air fryer makes a lot of noise. It will heat your food quickly, but it can create noise that’s annoying to others in the kitchen. My air fryer makes a lot of noise and I don’t mind because I know it’s preparing my food correctly.

The reason behind their noise is motor fan, which goes high while heating up your food.

How can I silence my air fryer when it’s making noise?

The only thing that I’ve found to quiet down my air fryer’s noise is a good quality noise-cancelling headphones. This was very helpful to me as I cooked during an outage on the smart TV. The air fryer heated up quickly, making lots of noise but the noise cancelling headphones really helped me to from this air fryer noise.

What makes an Air Fryer loud?

Do Air fryers make Noise ? How to fix a Rattling Noise ?
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Quite a few things. I’ll go over the top contributors to making an air fryer loud, the first one is motor fan which makes it more louder.

Air that is drawn into the unit creates a sound barrier which causes the noise to be muffled and generally heard more faintly (more on this below). Air hitting the basket in the unit will create a rattling noise, which is caused by your food rotating against the basket’s metal ridges.

The fan has a fairly small blade so it creates a lot of noise. It’s like trying to explain what you feel when riding in a car with an air conditioner on low. It doesn’t have much, if any, cooling effect on the air.

Conclusion: Do air fryer make noise ?

I think it’s pretty clear that an air fryer does create a lot of noise. I don’t know about you, but for me it sounds like a very noisy appliance which comes under. The only comfort I get from an air fryer is when I see a picture of it in a cooking magazine and think, “man, that thing is expensive lol.

But here on top i have already discussed about some solutions which you can follow to make it even less louder while cooking something you want.

Hope you got your all answers and will follow steps to make your air fryer less louder while cooking.

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