How to Grow Bamboo in Minecraft – best ways to grow bamboo in Minecraft 2021

if you are looking for a described article about How to grow bamboo in Minecraft or Best ways to grow bamboo in Minecraft then this article going to help you for sure.

Basically bamboo is a flowering plant that can be used for different stuff while including for breeding pandas and crafting stuff.

bamboo grows very quickly and fast and they are so similar to our real world, and they are so easy to find in jungles.

But the important thing is done how to grow bamboo?

It’s the question where lots are stuck with, but no worries in this article you will get the whole concept so that each of you can easily grow your own bamboo’s in Minecraft.

Where you can find Bamboo easily

How to grow bamboo in MInecraft
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If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time then you all know that bamboo can be mined so easily with any tool but if you are a beginner and don’t know much about it then let me tell you that bamboo can be mined with any tool you have but the fastest way to mine bamboo is with a sword or an axe.

However, it’s true that in the java edition a sword can break bamboo instantly but in the bedrock edition a sword can break bamboo faster than an axe but not instantly.

So here are the ways you can get bamboo…

  • Mob Lot: If you ever killed a panda (in java edition) then you already know that a panda drops 1 bamboo when killed, and in bedrock edition, a panda drops 0-2 bamboo when killed. Btw it will be increased by one after every level.
  • Natural generation: In the biomes of the jungle, bamboo generates widely scattered with single shoots, but bamboo generates much more densely in the bamboo variants of jungles, covering large areas of the landscape.
  • Fishing: You can also find bamboos while fishing in the biomes of the jungle as a junk item.

How to grow bamboo in Minecraft

How to grow bamboo in MInecraft
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The best way to grow bamboo in Minecraft is by farming them. Yeah by farming you can grow a huge amount of bamboo in Minecraft. So without further anything else let me tell you the ways so that you can also apply them in your world and make crazy stuff 😉

So basically you can create two types of bamboo farms…

  • first…Automatic farming by Redstone
  • second…Regular bamboo farm

Before telling you how you can create an automatic bamboo farm let me tell you something that you must have to keep in mind 🙂

I saw many people trying to plant bamboo in some places where bamboo can’t be placed so here are the places where you can plant bamboo:

  • Grass blocks,
  • Dirt,
  • Coarse Dirt,
  • Gravel,
  • Mycelium,
  • Podzol,
  • Sand, and 
  • red sand.

Time: A normal bamboo take around 204 seconds to grow but if you use a bone meal then it will grow by 1 to 2 blocks instantly.

Note: In Minecraft Redstone is one of the most important things to work with. If you ever get Redstones then you must have to know how you can use them. Redstones can be used to make any automated farms, even to create potions, compass, clocks, dispensers, droppers, and a lot of things. 

  • Automatic farming by Redstone

How to grow bamboo in MInecraft
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By the way, making a Bamboo farm, sugar cane farm or cactus farm is so similar to build so you can build any of them by following all things we are going to share in this article. 

How it works: First all you have to do is place a detector where the plant will grow up, and then you have to set off the detector. 

Basically, it will start work after the Redstone powder will signal the piston to push onto the plant. After that the bamboo breaks into pieces and falls into the water, the hoppers will collect the bamboo into a chest as storage of bamboo.

You can also adjust the bamboo farm manually to operate on more than one bamboo plant.

  • Regular Bamboo farm

How to grow bamboo in MInecraft
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Real Bamboo can grow with any water source besides them but however, in Minecraft, it’s the same so you can easily plant bamboo around your house like other trees. You can also make an entire field fill with bamboo plants. Just, in this case, you have to cut the bamboo manually. 

So now you all know that Bamboo is so easy to plant. The one more thing that you should know and that is, it doesn’t require tiled ground or specific blocks. And you will not be able to get bamboo to sit in a straight line in their crop rows, no matter what they do.

Video tutorial:


  • What is the best way to grow bamboo?

The best way to plant your bamboo is to dig 1.5 times the depth of your pot and twice as wide. Put your bamboo plant into the hole and fill the hole with your good-quality soil or compost.

  • What is Bamboo good for Minecraft?

Bamboo is basically a plant as in our real-world and yes it is good growth in Minecraft.

  • Is bamboo easy to grow?

Yes it easy to grow but it’s not a 2 or 3-minute process, It may take more time.

  • Can you overwater bamboo?

No way, It is the most common way to kill your bamboo plant so be worried to not overwater your bamboo tree.

  • How rare is a bamboo forest in Minecraft?

There highly more chances to find bamboo in jungles (80/130) and also you can find bamboo’s in hills.

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