How to Play PUBG Mobile On PC in 2020

How to play PUBG mobile on PC

Hello TechooTech here and In this Comprehensive Article we are going to talk about How to play PUBG mobile on PC in 2019. PUBG mobile is now one of the Biggest trend of india which also Known as Players of Unknown Battlegrounds where 100 People playing with you in the Same Map.

For those people who are new in the PUBG Mobile game, the first and Very Important thing you should know is that PUBG Mobile is all about surviving until and unless the bitter end in a 100 person free for all or as a team mates by any means necessary. Now whether you’re the kind of Killer player that likes to grab the best weapons like AWM, Ak47, Kar98,M40 etc.

How to Install PUBG Mobile on PC

So now i am only Going to show you the One and the Best only method which is best and Superb for playing PUBG mobile on your PC or Laptop, No Worries how much RAM and what the Processor your Laptop or PC have, if you want to Play PUBG mobile then Download this Tencent Buddy Emulator Below.

  • You Just need to Download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

So Here is the Download Button, You just need to click on that and Install Tencent Buddy Emulator on your PC or Laptop.

PUBG Mobile
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The downloading size of this Tencent Buddy Emulator file is around 8.7 MB which Hearts your Internet a Bit, so it won’t take too much time. Once the downloading is completed, run the software and click on the Install Button then it will automatically download the required files. The Tencent Buddy Emulator installation process may take 10-15 minutes It totally depends on the performance of your Broadband Or your Wifi internet connection.

How Tencent Buddy Works After Install

PUBG Mobile
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Here is the Next Step:-

  1. You must have to Need 2GB Of internet Connection.
  2. Do not worry about Downloading It automatically start Downloading PUBG Mobile in your Emulator.

Now you Guys easily Can able to Install your PUBG Mobile on your Pc, If you Follow these all instruction that i will give you in this article.

Now it is Easy for you to take Chicken Dinner

Some Playing Modules

PUBG Mobile
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When your all the additional files are downloaded,  Then login with your credentials to import all your mobile PUBG stats with Files. If you have an account then Its ok but those who do not have So just Create it No problem. By default Your Control Set up is not good so you just need to Enable all the Keys according to you for pickup, Revive, Reload, Hit, Jump Etc. If you need a Specific Article regarding key setup for PUBG Mobile in Tencent Buddy Emulator Then Comment me on Comment Box so It easy to me to Understand how much People Want that article.

Why PUBG Mobile is Best in 2019

PUBG Mobile
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player Of unknown battleground is One of the Biggest trend in countries which is playing by players and also with Squad to understand better for making a chicken Dinner, which is the Best thing in PUBG Mobile that people like most. As you all know is the first Battle Royale game which brought a drastic change in the gaming community. It was the game which made for players understand the new battle royale that play’s on the Same Map.

Here I am going to discuss the top 3 Topics of Player unknown’s Battle that makes PUBG Mobile better than any other Battle Royale game.

  • Shooting Features

Players of unknown’s Battleground Shooting Features is one of the best thing that PUBG developers Do by making variation in the form of Quality that no other Battle royal Game have in Gaming community. The realistic shooting with different recoil on each and every weapon like Ak47, kar98, MP40 etc with some other characteristic features is what makes it more interesting.

  • Varieties for Map

Map variety is an very creative part of PUBG Mobile, Because each and every PUBG Mobile Map requires different tactic and gameplay style, you can choose to play the map which suits you and make Happy to you. Their is also a new map which recently launched by PUBG Developers and It is also one of the best map ever I seen called Vikendi Map.

  • Multiple Guns

Their is also an different Different type of Guns and All guns have their Own Specification. Number of Guns in PUBG Mobile is 34 By talking Lond Range and short Range both, So here are these all Guns Name Be like AWM, M249, Flare Gun, Mini 14, M24, SKS, Kar98, Groza, SLR, SKM, M416, SCAR-L, M16A4, QBZ95, MK47 Mutant, M762, S1897, P90 Etc.

Some Alternative Games of PUBG MObile

PUBG Mobile
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Here is also i am going Show you the one and only Game which is eligible to be a Alternative of PUBG Mobile and Really guys it is a Real Alternative of PUBG Mobile That also has Same Features that PUBG Mobile Have, But their is clue in Graphic Quality and Resolution Where PUBG Mobile is in the Top of The list in gaming Communities.

PUBG Mobile
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Free fire Launched by Garena, An low graphics Game But It is a Good Alternative of PUBG Mobile Which also Creates a Same Impact in playing PUBG mobile where Also have Same Guns, Same Things but Different Maps with Same Playing Modules.

So If you Have Low Space in your Device Then Garena Free fire Battle Ground is one of the Best Game for you Which is also a Great Example of playing PUBG Mobile in Low Space.

One more Alternative for you If you want to play PUBG Mobile in Low space then Try PUBG Mobile Lite which is also a Part os PUBG Mobile in Low space. Here also a Great Difference Between Quality and Graphics But has low in space which offers you to play in the Same Battle royal Game, You can Creat your Own squad in PUBG Mobile lite which create a dynamic feeling for you as same as PUBG Mobile.

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