Top 5 best IPL cricket games in 2020

Those who don’t Know about Indian Premier League (IPL), So it is a Indian professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket league which is established in 2008. The league, which is based on a round group and knockout format, and by collecting players from World wide BCCI create teams.

The brainchild of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the IPL has developed into the most lucrative and most popular outlet for the game of cricket. 

After seeing the craze of IPL we created a List of Top 5 Best IPL cricket games which Helps you to Findout Your Best IPL games.

About Indian Premier Leauge IPL

IPL cricket games
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As i already said that IPL is Indian Premier Leauge Where Matches generally begin in late afternoon or in Night so that at least a portion of them are played under floodlights at night to maximize the television audience for worldwide broadcasts. Although, IPL league matches were played on a home-and-away basis between all teams but with the planned expansion to 10 clubs (divided into two groups of five) after in 2011, that format changed so that matches between all teams will played equally from other teams and also get chance to win match from same team two times.

After this The top four teams get chance to play contest three play-off matches, with one losing team who is at the top 1st or 2nd in the Ranking table being given a second chance to reach the final, a wrinkle aimed at maximizing potential television revenue. The play-off portion of the tournament involves the four teams that finished at the top of the tables in a series of knockout games that allows one team that lost its first-round game a second chance to advance to the final match as i said.

Are you excited now to see the list of Top 5 best IPL cricket games in 2020.?

If Yes! Then Let’s get started.

1. WCB T20 Premier League Cup India

IPL cricket games
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IPL T20 Premier League Cup India gives a whole new experience of Indian Domestic Cricket T20 Premier League Championship, Which have lot fun and different different Teams to play in every Match. Here you also have some features which can Help you to tournaments with all teams in Daily bases.

– Quick Match & Tournament Mode
– 8 Premier League Teams
– Fast paced Gameplay
– Rich new Graphics
– Variety of Bat Kits
– Realistic Stadiums

2. Real Cricket™ Premier League

IPL cricket games
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Cricket, a great game, loved by every Indian or even all over the world. For all cricket fans, now the intensity of a Real Cricket 3 game on your mobile!!!

For the first time ever! with All-new auction mode 

In this game for the first time here players can manage their favorite franchise and build out a fresh squad in a true to life detailed auction,

For the First Time, Players can manage their favorite franchise and build out a fresh squad in a true to life detailed auction, and also you can taste things from an owner angels.

Unique and Novel premier league challenge

  • here you can Play all historical scenes from the previous season in the Premier League

Gear up for the 2017 premier league

  • Pad up and guide of your favorite teams up Completly to date with the squad for the ultimate prize

Road to real Cricket Premier league mode

  • people Play every year in the Premier League and choose to write or rewrite history by taking your team into the top. Complete your full squads from the time.

All new player Profile

  • here you can see a new type of profile of al player and also track all your stats and by playing more you can increase your rank.

All new and fresh looking graphics and that feels you better. 

  • The game is now smoother than ever and with the most stunning presentation.

Ultra fluid signature real cricket team animations.

  • this game featured all-new 2D animation with Motion Captured animations and that is a too cool feature of this game.

The all-new game featured added in this game.

  • so guys now you can Download and Pick Batting Shots and Bowling Actions. A load of customization options available and even more on the way…

Be striking with authentic cricket equipment

  • be striking with an authentic style. Authentic Cricket equipment provided by legendary manufacturers – Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.

3. Gujarat Lions 2017 T20 Cricket

IPL cricket games
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Guys this is of the favorite IPL cricket game so you can also try this game. The name of the game is Gujrat lions 2017 T20 Cricket. Guys if you are a lover of Gujrat Lions then this will help you to play with them. here in this game, you can play with your favorite team in the Premier League and Indian Tournament. By hitting powerful sixes, fours you can prove that you are a pro player of mobile cricket game. You can also unleash power-ups while batting and bowling and this will help you to get great victories and after that, you will become the cup winner of India.

Here you are playing as the Gujrat Lions, so guys why are waiting because your favorite team is now available in the cricket premier league and Indian tournament. here you can also see powerful sixes or fours with detailing. by doing four boundaries and release power-ups while on the path to great wins in batting and bowling and becoming a Cup Winner in India.

This game is fully based on the success of the Gujrat Lions T20 Cricket Game with over one 1 million downloads and this proves that what type of quality gives you this game.

Exciting Matchups

  • This game allows you to many various types of modes. and it ensures that it will easily fulfill any cricket lover’s dream in Quick match, Challenges, and tournament modes.

Thrilling Challenges

  • here you will become a Match-Winner by taking on nail-biting match scenarios like 12 balls 30 runs required. you can also Compete with others and win in Beginner, Professional, World-Class and Legendary Challenges.

Legendary batting Experiences

  • You can also choose from a wide variety of shots to play lofted or on the ground, based on the ball. Judge the direction of the delivery and time your shot through the gaps on the field or over the boundary ropes with precision.

Ingenious Bowling Strategies

  • here you can also set the speed of direction and swing or spin when bowling.
  • Set the Speed, Direction and Swing / Spin when bowling. Strategize each delivery by combining your speed, delivery length, and wicket selection.

Some awesome power-ups

  • Unleash Spring Bat, Vampire Batsman, and more Batsman power-ups. Deliver SuperFast Ball, FireBall and more when bowling.

Games features:

  • This game is too simple to play and control for batting and bowling.
  • Here you can see various Exciting Quick Match, Challenges, and Tournament Modes
  • Thrilling Matchups with popular Teams
  • See some Awesome Power-ups
  • Full 3D graphics, realistic animations batsman motion, and ball physics

4. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

IPL cricket games
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As you play with your favorite team in the World Cup tournament, raise your bat for the intense T20 Cricket World Cup matches. Blast Sixes, Fours and unleash Power-ups while Batting and Bowling your way to great victories and becoming the World Cup Winner for your country.

Live events

  • Here in this game you can Participate in the New Live Events mode and play in sync with real-world cricket tours. you can also set your own match fate and win some awesome rewards.

World-class matchups

  • This game will also fulfill your dream by playing a quick match and tournament modes.

Master class batting experience

  • Walk on the pitch and choose a variety of shots to play lofted or on the field, based on the ball. Judge the direction of delivery and time your shot through the gaps on the field or through the boundary ropes with precision.

Clever Bowling Strategies

  • here you can also set your own speed, direction, and swing or spin while bowling. Strategize each delivery by mixing your pace, delivery length and direction to take the wicket.

Amazing power-ups

  • Unleash Spring Bat, Vampire Batsman, and more Batsman power-ups. Deliver SuperFast Ball, FireBall and more when bowling.

Games features:

  • This game is too simple to controls for batting & bowling
  • here you can also see exciting Quick Match and Tournament Modes
  • you can also get Rewards by playing Live Events Mode
  • Thrilling Matchups with popular World Cup Teams
  • Awesome Power-ups

5. Epic Cricket – Big League Game

IPL cricket games
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The quintessential game of Cricket is about to witness the most radical transformation ever since the advent of modern ODI and T-20 Cricket formats on mobile gaming platforms with EPIC Cricket!
Moong Labs takes pride to present the “EPIC Cricket – Big League Game” designed for truly passionate fans of the game of cricket all over the world!
they developed EPIC Cricket with one and only one objective in mind, ie, to fulfill the wishes of millions of followers of the game to have the most complete and immersive experience of playing cricket on mobile platforms like never before.

The team behind the game has deployed complex algorithms and techniques to create an awesome realistic experience that will leave a lasting impression on the gamer’s visual and auditory senses.

Game features:

  • This game has HD quality visuals with life-like international players
  • you can see that while playing you heard Full match live commentary
  • A full repertoire of modern batting and bowling styles (from reverse sweep to helicopter shot, and googly to doosra)
  • Players with matching capabilities to international stars
  • All major Cricket playing nations

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