Jio Out going Call disabled New Update

Reliance Jio New Update

Hello Guys, So here is the Jio Out going Call disabled New Update on Wednesday. Jio Announced That it has decided to start charging 6 paise a minute to out Going subscribers making calls to other mobile networks Which is used by People.

This is not a charged for incoming calls. Reliance Jio also said that it will only for compensate customers by giving free data in 0 Price to the equal value of the top up vouchers Plans. This Call time amount will get deducted at 6 paise per one minute when you make a outgoing calls to other operators Networks.

Reliance Jio Call Charges Now

Here Jio Out going Call disabled New Update is also the Big Update from Reliance jio Digital That totally Changes the jio Vouchers Plans, Reliance Jio also Announced that four IUC top-up vouchers Plans valued between Rs 10 to Rs 100.

The Reliance Jio operator said that it will provide you additional Internet data entitlement of different value based on the IUC top-up voucher consumption to ensure no increase in tariff Vouchers plans for Jio customers. Further their are also more Vouchers plans are available in Reliance Jio, postpaid Jio Members will also have to billed at six paise per One minute for off-net outgoing calls with an increase in free data entitlement to the extent provided in the vouchers Plans which is provided by Reliance Jio.

IUC Top-Up Voucher Plan Amount (Rs) IUC Minutes (non-Jio networks) Free Data Internet (GB)
10 124 1
20 149 2
50 656 5
100 1,362 10


Jio said that it is hopeful to say that the IUC charge will be done away with as per the current regulation and that this temporary charge will come to the end by 31st of December in 2019 and consumers will not have to pay this charge thereafter as well.

Why Reliance Jio is Best

When we guys talk about 4G network in our previous time it might Just a Big thing But days after days and time to time Finally Reliance Jio Launched 4G network and its totally free each and everyone can use 4G internet in Free of cost at that time, and Its might be great and good Because their are many great changes which is only done by Reliance Jio after launching.

Reliance Jio
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The unlimited data Of jio: Jio can be the one who called the first company ever to launch unlimited data concept in india. But Other companies might also have been doing it before but it was only after the launching Reliance Jio that offers unlimited data concept and Grow their company in light. here the Concept of using Unlimited data internet means you can use internet without any FUP limit and also even if there’s an FUP limit, your Internet data will always continue their working at a reduced fast speed. Not all plans from Airtel and Idea offer unlimited data. There are only selected one but Jio offers unlimited internet data with all of its plans as well in Jio Out going Call disabled New Update.

Only 4G data Speed: This is another one of the best big reason to choose Jio Network. Currently, Jio is the only company of mukesh ambani in India that offers fully 4G-enabled services of internet. With other network telcos, the network varies from area to area. It also can be Reacts 4G in some areas,  And 3G in some and even 2G in some areas with low spotty connection.

Jio data plans are very cheap: Jio internet data plans start at from low as Rs 52. The month and 28 days’ data plan from Jio starts at Rs 149 while for Voda the amount goes up to Rs 458 with so costly amount. Airtel also has a Rs 149 plan but it is not available in all areas now for all. Jio offers 1.5GB data per day at Rs 149 across all circles as well.

Jio has larger network 4G availability: According to an jio network report, Jio has the highest 4G presence in India even if we talk about users too. It has grown from 96.4 per cent to 96.7 per cent. “The Jio network operator has managed to achieve availability scores of over 95% in all of India’s regions states,  also despite huge variations in topography, and in the face of massive increases in subscribers and data consumption,”which states the reports.

So here is the quick overview of new update and I hope you guys like this informative article regarding Jio new update.

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