Best Motu Patlu Games in 2020

Hey Guys, Techootech here and this Post we are going to discuss about Best Motu patlu games free in 2020. As you guys know that Motu Paltu is a very Popular cartoon on TV’s each and every small kids like it very much, So after a lot of Discussion about on this topic we are here with this new and post fresh post in 2020 About Best Motu patlu Games free in 2020.

About Motu and Paltu

Motu Patlu Games
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Motu Patlu is an Indian Cartoon animated television series written by Niraj Vikram for  Nickelodeon cartoon TV channel. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya. It is accommodate from the classic comic strip on Lotpot. It was Featured on 16 October 2012, beginning with the episode called Jon Banega Don. It always focuses on two friends, Motu and Patlu, living in the fictional city of Furfuri Nagar.

The story always revolves around Motu and Patlu, two best friends living in Furfuri Nagar. The show is Specially Dedicated to Motu and Patlu where they Always Help Furfuri nagar People, Both Motu and Patlu and have Different Different Strategies To fight anyone else, One side where motu use their Power and their Second side Paltu use his Mind to generate power on Motu minds.

Now let’s look Forward to Best Motu Patlu Games in 2020 which Helps you to enjoy your day by Playing these games in your android Smart phones.

Best Motu Patlu games

1. Motu Patlu Run

Motu Patlu Games
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We all know about John the Don, a well-known character in this game here he steals Gold from Furfuri Nagar Bank, And we know about Motu Patlu that they always ready to protect Furfuri Nagar at any cost. Here Motu Patlu has to catch the thief to protect everyone. Here Motu Patlu’s all friend Chimgam, Ghatka, Ghasitaram all are ready to run after Jon to get back the Gold.

Game’s preview

While Chasing after John, you can see that you are chasing John through the way of Furfuri Nagar. On the way, you can use various vehicles which help to catch the thief “John”. You can also use some Grab power-ups on the way and it makes the distance too short between them. On the way, you have to dodge many obstacles like Buses and various colored cars.

Endless running  — Run to Catch John the Don

  • There is no limitation to catch John the Don so you can run as much you can do.
  • There you have to face too many obstacles like trucks, Cars, Buses & More.
  • Whenever you cross any oncoming Obstacles you can see some golds which you can collect.
  • You can also use or ride on Bike to race, the Bike gives you much additional life, it’s all depend on you that how many time you use the Bike. (1 Bike = 1 Additional live)
  • You can ride on rockets.
  • Collect more coins, it also depends on you.
  • You can play with Multipliers.
  • Whenever you collect a letter you get a mystery box reward.
  • Also, Boost your score by playing with multipliers.
  • Event participation helps you to get some other awesome reward.

Playing this game for a long time you can go into many various worlds and where you can play with them. Not a long time it depends on you that how you play this game.

Why this is the most liked game for Children?

In this game here Motu Patlu and his all friends are playing with you and that is the cause that why children like this most, and you know the popularity of Motu Patlu in Children, so we are here with this new post of Best Motu Patlu ki Game in 2020.


2. Motu Patlu Car Game

Motu Patlu Games
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Motu Patlu is the resident of Furfuri Nagar. They help Furfuri Nagar’s peoples many times from many dangerous villains with the help of his best friends(Dr. Ghatka, Ghasitaram, Chimgam sir, etc). This cartoon is well known for children who see the TV show and love this. Motu Patlu Car game is based on a story of its a TV show.

In this game here Motu and Patlu buy an old car, the car is too old and broken from many sides. So they gave the car to Dr. Ghatka to make this car like new and also says to add some more features, for this Dr. Ghatka designed the car and renewed the car by using his creative and awesome gadgets. After that Dr. Ghatka finished his work of the car and give it to Motu Patlu for a ride.

During the drive or ride on the car they face to much traffic on the way, they also face spills of oil and other hurdles on road. On the way when Motu Patlu crossed the Obsticalls, you can see Golden coins that are scattered on the road. Here you also help Motu Patlu to collect coins and some objects like Fuel of the car during the ride. This is an endless racing game so you can also score more points or reach the top rank by playing this game like a pro. 

Here you can also buy many various awesome gadgets by paying golds that you collect from this game. Motu Patlu Car Game is designed in the best graphics 3D model. The panoramic view of Furfuri Nagar makes this game marvelous. Try out Motu Patlu Game is free.


  • Easy to control
  • Smoothness touch
  • very high 3D definition graphics
  • Best graphically made  caricature of a character


3. Motu Patlu Cycling Adventure

Motu Patlu Games
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If you want to play Motu Patlu game or want a Motu Patlu game for your child then here you are in the right place because this is an awesome cycling game. But the most loving part is that it’s not only a cycling game in this game here Motu & Patlu also play with you.

The game’s all key features

  • High 3D graphics Integrations
  • Smooth touch
  • Challenges throughout the game
  • Compressed file size
  • Easy, Intuitive control


4. Motu Patlu Cooking

Motu Patlu Games
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We all know that Motu is crazy about Samosa. One day Motu Patlu went into a city where they found different ranges of food in various restaurants sudden they hit upon a plan that they open a restaurant in their sweet village, Furfuri Nagar. In this restaurant, they decided to serve here pizza, burger, chocolate, ice-cream with different variations to their customers.

To make delicious food they stand up on the cooking table thereafter one of them takes orders from the customers and serves it after cooking. In this game here you help Motu Patlu to take orders and serve the food to the customers within a time limit and help them to run their restaurant.

There is also needed to complete maximum order within the given time. whenever a Customer will come to their cooking bar and make a make order, and take served order and go to enjoy their food. This game is very smartly designed for good play. Easy to control, a very sharp appearance makes you pleasure. Download Motu Patlu Cooking on your mobile and enjoy it.


5. Motu Patlu Cricket Game

Motu Patlu Games
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In this game, Motu is in a cricket match where he has too many competitors. You can also play with any of your favorites characters in Motu Patlu TV show’s main characters like (Chimgam sir, Dr. Ghatka, Ghasitaram, etc.). By tapping on-screen to swing the bat when the ball is coming near to you, and thereafter try to aim for the numbers on the Scoreboard to score a good run.

here just you have to score more than your opponent teams.

Here you can enjoy the game with Motu Patlu and all his best friends like ( Dr. Ghatka, Chimgam sir, Ghasitaram). Try to defeat John the Don’s team and live people of Furfuri Nagar hassle-free.

Collect coins for many gifts and play more Motu Patlu games.


6. Motu Patlu Game

Motu Patlu Games
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If you want to play with Motu Patlu and also you are looking for a super Motu Patlu game which is something like an epic than other Motu Patlu games. In this Motu Patlu game, you can use awesome powers to defeat your opponents and speed yourself up. By spending time on this game you can enable your all favorite Motu Patlu character various vehicles in the race for a quick boost. By using the game currency reward you can also upgrade the scooter, cycle, bullet, M 80.

If you need a quick boost for your mission then you can use Dr. Ghatka’s latest invention from the lab. There are too many missions have to complete and also this game has 6 level which is too hard. By shooting exploding rockets and also using the slow down waves to send out the various portal to teleport players behind.

The magic hourglass is used to slow down opponent time and help you to defeat enemies/opponents.

You want to win every match, by using drop punches you can slow down your opponents. So you can see that there are too many ways too slow down your enemy/Opponent just you have to use them carefully.

Games features

  • You can collect and use various awesome power-ups on your enemies to slow-down them.
  • Race in exotic locations from all over the country.
  • The earned coins which you collect while playing the game, or also get by win races. you can use them to buy new characters and weapons to race with.
  • By spend more time you gain many trophies by racing and also try to top the leader boards.


7. Motu Patlu Ki Jodi

Motu Patlu Games
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The most popular Jodi cartoon in India is “Motu Patlu” who is not only known for their Jodi also know as their brave spirit, that they always ready to sacrifice anything to protect Furfuri Nagar. The story of this game is that there is a bi jungle beside Furfuri Nagar and in the Jungle there lived a lion who wants to take revenge from Motu. So the lion has tried all the way to take his revenge.

Sudden Lion see Motu and Patlu and started running to catch them, seeing this Motu Patlu also started running before the Lion. But we all know about a lion that how much he faster than a human so he became closer to them. Here the game is started…

Here on this, the people of Furfuri Nagar are doing their daily work. But unluckily for Motu Patlu that everyone some jobs or work to do and some are doing their work on the road. And this time the lion is chasing after Motu Patlu, so Motu Patlu has to run faster than the Lion to save their life. Here you help Motu Patlu to run faster than the Lion.

Game’s Control

1. By tapping and holding the left side button of the screen to move both the characters Left.

2. Similarly by tapping and holding the right side button of the screen to move both the characters’ right.

3. By Swiping up you can jump up over the Obstacles.

4. by Swiping down you can slide down.

5. Tap and hold on both sides of the screen to split the characters and let them pass through big gates.

Game’s Features

  • There is no limitation to run
  • you can compete with other Motu Patlu fans.


8. Motu Patlu Jungle Adventure game

Motu Patlu Games
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In this game here you can play with Motu Patlu, here Motu has to show Courage and collect the coins with the help of Patlu in the jungle. So here you have to help Motu to change his destiny in this adventure jungle world. On the way of the jungle there Motu has to Passes many Obstacles which are overcoming. In this adventurous game, you will get a variety of interesting things. This game is very easy to play and you will enjoy it.


  • It has very high-quality graphics.
  • You can play this game on Mobile or tablets.
  • There is 100+  Challenging levels Survival.
  • There is to many Different Game Modes and world.


9. Motu Patlu Jump

Motu Patlu Games
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In this here you can play with Motu and Patlu and also playing with his all friends like Dr, Ghatka, Ghasitaram, Chimgam, etc. In this here you have to climb up as high as you can. On the way of climbing, you can collect coins, gems, you can use rockets, and powers to climb faster than ever. Use your coins to unlock the entire cast of Motu Patlu Jump.

you can also save your friends who will fall once their jump stops and you can now save them to help out.

  • You can jump higher as much you can
  • DODGE traps and spikes
  • DESTROY objects in your way
  • Ride on rockets
  • Collect Coins
  • Get multipliers
  • Get Mystery Boxes and their rewards
  • Complete missions
  • SAVE your friends, be saved in return
  • COMPETE on leaderboards


10. Motu Patlu Bike Race

Motu Patlu Games
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In this epic game here Motu Patlu and his whole team are playing with you and which one you selected others will be your opponent. You can also use some awesome powers to slow down your enemies/opponent and also speed up your self.  By playing this game you can activate your favorite characters and vehicles which you can use in the race for a quick boost. By collecting coins from this game you can upgrade your scooter, cycle, bullet and M80 by using them. 

If you need a quick boost for any mission then you can go to Dr. Ghatka’s lab and get new and latest inventions or also upgrade your vehicles. There are only 6 levels yo complete.  But there are 100+ exciting missions in this awesome exciting platform.

So Exploding rockets, use to slow down waves and send out portals to teleport players behind, use the magic hourglass to slow downtime for your opponents.

Dropping deadly punch boxes in your wake to slow down your competitors.


You can Collect Coins and use awesome power-ups on your enemies.
You can also go to different locations to race in exotic locations from all over the country.
Earn coins as you win races and buy new characters and weapons to race with.
Gain trophies by racing and try to top the leader boards.


11. Motu Patlu Speed racing

Motu Patlu Games
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This is an awesome game for every lover of Motu Patlu I hope you also love it. This is a speed racing game of Motu Patlu Travelling in the exciting worlds of Furfuri Nagar or many various places like Egypt, a new Jungle, etc.  You can play this game with fun because it is an amazing adventure game.

It has too many dangerous and awesome exciting places in the world.  The main thing which makes this game awesome and amazing for all that, there is to at the end of the race and it’s too easy to complete levels. in this game, while racing you can collect as many coins as possible to unlock new vehicles and also have some powerups.

In between the Race, the players have to face John he Don and his goons menacing the town and its people. So you have to help Motu Patlu and keep teaching these goons a lesson from time to time and save the people from getting troubled!

While playing Motu and Patlu can collect pieces of the puzzle in the level to complete puzzles and unlock many secret levels too!

Game Features -:
1. You can Play with Motu Patlu!
2. You can drive lots of different awesome vehicles!
3. Zoom through lots of worlds like Furfuri Nagar, Jungles and Alien World!
4. Collect pieces of the puzzle for playing an extra secret level!

12. Motu Patlu Samosa Crush

Motu Patlu Games
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If you are feeling along and also you want to do something crazy with Motu Patlu in Furfuri Nagariya. So are you ready for a double dose of puzzle trouble with some awesome twosome in their very own way! than Swipe and switch and match the Motu Patlu Samosa rush to feed on this adventure ride and step up into the next level. By playing this game for a long time you can improve your gaming skills, also think swift and think clever, in this game here you can plan your moves while you use the boosters to pass out the exam or awareness.

You can enjoy this game with Motu Patlu ki, Jodi, with being their friend as Dr. Jhatka, Inspector Chingum, Ghashitaram, Samosa wala.

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Motu patlu games video

Thanks for Reading our Motu Patlu  Games  Blog post and i hope so you guys like it very much.

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