Best Motu patlu ki jodi game in 2020

Hey guys, Techootech here and in this article i will give a deep and comprehensive overview regarding Best Motu patlu ki jodi game in 2020. Today in this post we are going to talking about Best and patlu games which can help you to invest your free time in right path,

So as you guys know that Motu and patlu is a very popular cartoon animation series in india which have millions of fans over the world in just few years. this cartoon is published on nicklodeon cartoon channel which is also know as ‘Nick’ Channel in india.

motu patlu ki jodi game
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Who is Motu and Patlu

Basically Motu and paltu both are very good friends, they always help each other in their bad time as well. Motu and Patlu is an Indian Cartoon animated television series written by Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon cartoon TV channel. The series is produced by Cosmos-Maya who is an great cartoon producer as well.

This Cartoon is specially made for kids Via which they can enjoy their time in TV. so if you are kid and searching for a new cartoon then watch motu patlu in your TV channel, I hope so after watching this cartoon you really love it. So lets start our main point Best Motu patlu ki jodi game in 2020 which can help you to make you day Threw Motu patlu ki jodi game.

Motu patlu ki jodi Game

1. Motu Patlu Cartoon Hills Biking Game

motu patlu ki jodi game
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Motu Patlu, a well-known cartoon for children and its popularity is increasing day by day. These characters are also seen in many movies. We know that they work too many challenging tasks in Furfuri Nagar. This game will allow you to play with Motu Patlu.

It has too many levels which you have to pass. In this game here Motu Patlu is cycling a bike and complete the levels by using their skills. During the riding Motu Patlu have to collect samosa for Motu and here you help Motu Patlu to collect the samosas because we know that Motu can’s do anything without Samosa. In this game here Motu cycling the bike and Patlu is seated on a carrier.

There are too many places to play and all of the places are different between them. Here you can see too many different types of bikes like a green racer, blue shadow, tiger, Fireblade, Hayabusa and day town and more, where they play. The collected samosas are used as a coin because by using the samosas you can unlock new modes, bikes, a theme from their market page with virtual order.

 Games Features:

  • This game is too easy to control.
  • The Marvelous graphics give you an awesome experience.
  • In this Game here Motu Patlu also plays with you.
  • The quality of this game is something like a video but it’s not a video, it’s a game.
  • This is also Mobile and tab compatible so you can enjoy this on a mobile or tab.
  • very sharp movements are too comfortable to play.
  • This is Free to download so anyone can enjoy this.
  • This game also required some permission to play smoothly.
  • Hassle-free playing
  • You can see some Panoramic view themes and modes.

2. Motu Patlu Cannon battle

motu Patlu ki jodi game
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In this game where you have to help Patlu to save Motu from John the Don. Fire off the Super Power Cannon as you trigger long chain reactions that are just an absolute delight to watch!

Here you can test your brain, whenever you play this game you can test your brain. You have to just focus on your target and through to the iconic locations from Furfuri Nagar. You can also collect some delicious and scrumptious samosas but you have to warn some of them are tricky!

Whenever you focus on your target you can see too many amazing items such as Closed Doors, Trampolines, Stones, Destructible Bricks, and even Portals! If you want to explore all of these amazing items you have to play more. After using these all amazing items you help Patlu take down the Evil John the Don.

There are 50+ massive level collections in this puzzle game.

You can Teleport through the Portals, brick bricks, and cause epic chain reactions as you take down members of John the Don’s gang. The more important thing, what can you get all those tasty samosas?


• There are huge jaw-dropping chain reactions.
• You can use a large assortment of items to blast your way through
• Collect Samosas and show off to your friends

3. Motu Patlu truck simulator

Motu patlu ki jodi game
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The story of this game is that, once Motu Patlu and his all friends( Chimgam sir, Dr. Ghatka, Ghasitaram, and others) are planning to drive a truck. For this, they walk out the truck out of to highway. But there is a huge problem found that is they don’t know how to drive a car and also they don’t have any experience to drive a car. So they are trying a drive the truck for their first simulator.

In this here you can help them to avoid the traffic and also avoid the people who are on the road. This game has a special feature that in this game you can collect coins and also give an extra life during play, and the coins and lie are coming randomly.

So you can enjoy this “Motu Patlu truck simulator” much more than other games. The game’s graphics give you the real experience of the road so you can feel something real and also you will enjoy more after playing the second time. you can also collect coins during driving. Touching on the screen feature gives you more fun.

Good graphics of creatures are looking nicely and give you pleasant moments. Motu Patlu Truck Simulator game is free to download. you can also enjoy this game on your mobile / tab so keep smiling and play this to spend free time.

Game’s features:

  • Its smoothness feels good while handling. 
  • There are no limits to play, so you can play this as much you want to play. these all depend on your skills. 
  • You can collect coins while playing and use the coins for an extra life. 
  • Life collection
  • The awesome give you the Panoramic gameplay experience. 
  • High-quality graphics make this game something like a 3D game. 
  • This is easy to control so you will become expert after playing some tries. 

4. Motu Patlu arrow attack

Motu Patlu ki jodi game
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The story of this game that here Motu wants to qualify for the Olympic game in archery. So he Practices too many times and makes a promise that when he did not become an expert on it, he keeps trying. So Motu wants to practice it in a calm place so found the pace. Near the Jungle, he started his practice on archery.  For scoring best, to the best point, he hired a machine that threw a Makhan matka randomly. Playing this archer game you can improve your concentration. There are a sweet sound quality of arrow fire and matka cracking to explore the wellness of the environment.

Salient features:

-The Fine appearance of bow and arrow position. 

– This game is too easy to play and also you can easily handle the arrow

– Also very easy to fire while firing

– Smoother fine control is too good. 

– Free to play

– Sharp 3D look

– Best panoramic view

How to play:

The starch arrow on the bow and shoot maakhan matka.

5. Motu Patlu Badminton

Motu Patlu ki jodi game
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Badminton is a well-known game to all, and you see many people who are too serious about badminton and also see some people who play this to entertain their life. Now this time badminton will be their favorite game for too many children after playing this game. Motu Patlu Badminton is a customized badminton game made to play with the most loved characters Motu and Patlu.

So you guys, are you ready to play this awesome badminton game with Motu Patlu. This game will give you the awesome and different experience of mobile badminton, it also a competitive type game. To reach the top of the board you have to play this game more and more. 

Game’s features:

-You can play this on multiple character modes

-There are too many distinguished levels that you have to pass to go to the next level. 

-This game is to easy to control

-This simple design 

 -It has too many cool stunts

-Looking like realistic gameplay

-It has a practice mode where you can practice and improve your skills. 

6. Motu Patlu King of hill racing

motu patlu ki jodi game
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In this game here you can play with Motu Patlu in an adventure, racing, stunt and hill climb style game & more!

Motu Patlu is off on a new adventure and this time they need to race at high speed and climb up and over twisty, bumpy curvy hill roads. Here in this game here, you help Motu Patlu to climb and handling the car also helps them to do some crazy stunts. 


– Choose among many different cars and bikes invented by Dr. Jhatka
– High-Speed Racing chase and hill climb through the countryside and city and many more levels.
– Beautiful art with super stunt and racing tracks.
– Varied gameplay for Motu and Patlu – Motu collects samosas and Patlu collects bulbs.

Motu Patlu ki jodi game video

So thanks for reading this article and i hope This post helps you to find your best motu patlu ki games

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