Noise Shots Elan TWS Review with (Pros and Cons)

In this modern world, we all look for good music quality and convenience from a device, and
wireless earbuds have proven to be very efficient and easy to use.

And many phones nowadays do not come with a headphone jack so you can either charge your
phone or use your headphones. In this scenario,

TWS is something one should have.

Plus all the gamers who constantly have to charge their phones and can’t use earphones while
charging should move to TWS.

So noise has just launched their brand new series Noise Elan with a price of Rs 3,999 with some
fantastic features. So below we have a detailed review of the new Noise Elan TWS.

Have an overview of what Noise Elan TWS has to offer:-

Noise Shots Elan TWS review
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Battery 8hrs in a single charge and 36 hours total.
Water-Resistant Yes, IPX4 water-resistant
Speaker Driver 6mm Titanium
Bluetooth Version 5.2
Minimum Latency 80-90ms
Transparency Mode yes(tap 4 times on earbud)
Gaming mode yes(tap 3 times on earbud)
Range 10m
Compatibility Android and ios
Technology used Qualcomm aptX Adaptive

On-Ear Touch Control

Noise Shots Elan TWS review
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Sound and call quality:-

To be honest, at this price segment Noise Elan's truly wireless earbuds have got nothing to serve
but the best.

The sound quality is very crisp and clear, all thanks to the noise cancellation and the 6mm
Titanium speaker that gives a treat to your ears.

But when it comes to the bass, I felt that Noise Elan TWS has bass over the limit. The bass
interferes with the vocal which doesn’t give the premium feel.

On the other hand, it has got a dual-mic on each earbud so no worries while calling, no matter
how much noise you are facing from the background these earbuds focus on to make you listen
to every bit.

Battery and charging:-

This TWS has got a humongous battery which gives you a total of 36 hours of playtime and it
has c-type charging support so you can charge it with any other phone charger too.

I use the Noise Elan TWS 3 hours a day max. And it's been over a week since I have charged the
case and I am still left with 25% of the battery. So the battery is never going to be an issue in
these TWS.

Although it took 2 hours to get charged, considering such a big battery it is okay to take such an
amount of time, so no problem with that.

Build quality and durability:-

So the case turns out to be a scratch magnet as it gets scratches easily. But no problems with the
TWS earbuds.

It comes with an IPX4 water-resistant technology so things seem positive on that part. It can
easily deal with little splashes of water.

Earbuds are pretty light, so even if they fall, they are fewer chances to break or crack.
Connectivity, pairing, and Latency:-

Noise Elan TWS uses the latest Bluetooth technology that is v5.2 which also enables less power
consumption and better connectivity.

You can easily roam around and talk with your phone being a little away from you and you won’t
find any lag in between.

Speaking of lag in voice, Noise Elan TWS has focused on minimizing the Latency and they have
reduced Latency up to 80 mili seconds. By tapping 3 times on the left earbud you can activate
gaming mode which reduces latency up to 80-90ms so you never get a delay.

Although at some points I can feel the delay although it's so minimal yeah it's still there. All the people who are into mobile gaming should check this before buying.

It has smart touch controls and has control over voice assistants too.

Noise Elan understands every tap you do, so you have the upper hand on the control thing too.

When it comes to pairing, so the moment you take them out from the case they get connected
with their respective device. So things are pretty good when it comes to pairing.


As told earlier Noise Elan TWS is very lightweight and fits perfectly. Plus you never get enough
of them. Even after hours of use, there is no sign of pain in the ears. Plus the earbuds don't drop easily.

Transparency mode:-

So Noise Elan comes with a new mode and they call it transparency mode.

So by tapping the right earbud 4 times, this mode gets activated, and it amplifies the ambient
noise, so you are always aware of the background and what’s happening around you.

But to be honest, one might never use it because it creates more echo and less actual sound hence
ruining the whole experience.

Noise Shots Elan TWS Controls

Noise Shots Elan TWS Review
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To switch on the Noise Elan TWS earbuds, all you need to do is to just get them out of the

Transparency Mode:– To activate the transparency mode tap the right earbuds 4 times.

Gaming/LowLatency Mode:– To activate the gaming mode tap the right earbuds 3 times.

Music Controls:- To Play or Pause Music just tap either earbud 2 times.

To go to the next song hold the right earbud for 1.5 sec.

To go to the previous song hold the left earbud for 1.5 sec.

Voice Controls:-

To increase volume tap the right earbud 1 time.

To decrease volume tap the left earbud 1 time.

Call Controls:-

To answer tap any earbud 2 times.

To end tap any earbud 2 times.

To reject touch and hold any earbud for 1.5 sec.

Activating voice assistant:-

Tap the left earbud 3 times.


Tap and hold the earbud in 5 seconds.

Noise Shots Elan TWS Pros and Cons


+ Music quality is perfect

+ Bluetooth 5.2. very rapid and strong connection.

+ Quad mic. The calling facility is excellent compared to other TWS.

+ Excellent battery.

+ Compact size and lightweight.


– Case is of plastic so that isn't durable and is a scratch magnet.

– Latency not up to the mark.

– Takes time to get charged


So to conclude things, The Noise Elan TWS is a great get it at just Rs 3.9k

But if you are a hardcore mobile gamer and you are buying them for gaming purposes then in
that case I have doubts because latency doesn’t turn out to be too low and accurate.

Although if you want to just listen to music then you should get the Noise Elan TWS. From the
calling point of view Noise, Elan is pretty good and comes with the dual mic on each earbud.

To sum up Noise Elan TWS great audio, a bit more base than needed, else everything top-notch
in terms of sound.

Well, that was my take on all-new Noise Elan TWS. Hope it helped.

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