8 Best Shiva games download in 2020

Hey Guys Whatsup, This is Himanshu Ric and in this post i am introducing 8 Best Shiva games download in 2020 which Can help you to invest your Good in time in good things.

Shiva is an Indian animated cartoon action TV series which currently airing on Nickelodeon India. The series in produced by Niraj Vikram and Suhas Kadav. It is the most highest rated television kids show in India.

shiva game
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This TV cartoon show is gone very popular in now days in india, The founder of this show is Niraj Vikram and directed by Suhas Kadav in india.

Who is Shiva.?

Shiva is a small and a talented boy who lives with his grandparents in a fictional city named Vedas, which is in India. He is a kid superhero with supernatural magical powers. He faces a lot of Villains who try to harm people of his cities and beat them all by using their superpowers.

A policeman named Mr. Laddo Singh who always wanted to catch the criminals but gets in trouble after that shiva helped him and always secure him. Shiva and his friends are always rewarded by the Indian Government for their utmost bravery.

Shiva is a powerful heroic boy with great strength and mindful mind plus bravery and intelligence is a part of character in the cartoon. Shiva is 9 years old kid, He also has a super bike which can fly and go faster. He always saves the people of Vedas city from various threats and helps Mr. Ladoo Singh to make arrests criminals.

So here is basic intro of Shiva and now we are moving forward on our main topic which is 8 Best Shiva games download in 2020.

Are you guys ready.?

If Yes! Then Lets gets Started.

Shiva Cartoon Games

1. Shiva Adventure Game

Shiva game
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Shiva the Super kid of city Vedas goes to the amusement park now and collecting some tickets for the new game adventure run, After that here shiva runs along with a path filled with different hurdles like stones, rocks, machines, and demons many more things.

you can Help Shiva to cross all these hurdles via which he can collect the coins scattered on the hard road. you just need to Forward swipe to jump over the hurdles, backward swipe to pass under them, left and right swipe to move on, While playing this game with 3D graphic in jungle creates a better look.

Now after reading this great intro of this Adventure games and i hone now you like it, So if you want to download this game then click on the button below.

2. Shiva Jump

Shiva Game
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here you can Jump with Shiva The superhero with his exciting friends Reva, Uday, Aditya and Ladoo Singh in a stunning and great environment with 3D animation and audio effects. Its as though Shiva came to life and playing with you in real 3D style.

It’s designed to be a Hyper-Casual game with Shiva’s adventurous trend taking into account.
Play and have fun in jumping with Shiva.

here you can try your best strategy with your friends and earn coins via which you can upgrade and collect bikes of your choice, which is great and amazing as well.

So if you are thinking to download this shiva game and want to play then its pretty good because download link is in below.

3. Shiva Bicycle Racing

Shiva Games
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Shiva Game
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Shiva is one of the best cartoons in India and its popularity is growing day by day.  In this game here Shiva is cycling with Reva, Uday, Aditya, and Ladoo Singh. Here Shiva joined in a cycle race with his all friends Reva, Uday, Aditya, and Ladoo Singh. You can see here an awesome stunning 3D graphics environment with amazing Bicycle Physics. 

This is an awesome game for all Shiva fans because this game allows you to play with Shiva. This is a Happy and adventurous game so children play is game enjoy fully. This is also awesome for those who loved to play by-cycle game because this game provides you, it also. Here you have to race against time in a friendly match with Shiva, Reva, Uday, Aditya, and Ladoo Singh !!

Shiva Cycle race is the best possible blend of art, technology, and innovation. The reinforcement machine helps you to learn which has been implemented to learn, drive cycle and compete by opponents against the main player.

Features of the game.

  • There you can also see 3 World with 6 Tracks on each  with some different environment like Vedas Forest, Vedas City, Spooky Desert (4 worlds coming soon)
  • you can also choose at least 5 Characters those are – Shiva, Aditya, Reva, Uday, LadooSingh
  • The manufacturer improved the graphics to make it more Realistic Cycle Physics
  • Machine learned opponents (Reinforcement machine learning)
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • The Controlling (Steering left/right, Jump, Wheeling) is too easy so anyone easily plays this game 
  • Amazing Thrilling Sounds
  • Every level you reached the difficulty are Increasing 

Just you have to Download and Play yourself to experience this awesome game. Cycle Race with Shiva, Reva, Uday, Aditya and Ladoo Singh with awesome crazy type Bicycle Physics and stunning 3d graphics environment.

4. Shiva Himalayan Game

Shiva Games
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Shiva Game
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In this game here Shiva and all of his friends are going to Himalaya for a winter holiday vacation. So when they reached Himalaya Shiva and his friend have been gone to the iced mountains to enjoy their winter vacation. here the game is started, so after going to the iced mountain he is targeting to collect characters of given word and coins. During his skiing time, he will face different difficulties like fire, stones, plants, fog, tears and many more.

Here in this game, You have to help him out to collect the required things. You have to follow also the warning of the distance of character and others. By tapping on the screen you can move and jump toward. Play Shiva Himalayan free game and beat cold of this season. There you can many various obstacles and you have to help shiva to avoid them by tapping on the screen. In this game, you also see a timer to reach the last point within the time. 

5. Shiva Winter Biking Tales

Shiva Games
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Shiva Game
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Shiva Biking Tales is an amazing entertaining adventurous biking game that creates a smile on your child’s face. It has too many multiple options some of them are difficult some are very different. You also see various environments like circuits with hills, bridges, roads & more, the players can enjoy a range of exciting routes.

There are different hurdles on the path, in-built to give the player a thrilling ride. You can also collect coins while riding. Using the collecting coin you are able to purchase more paths/routes to traverse. Keep cracking various levels to move to advanced levels, for an exciting ride. You can also use some boosts to defeat your opponent easily. 

This game is free to download and free to play. Download Shiva Biking Tales to ride along with Shiva game on a fun-filled adventure.

Are you Love Shiva like their friends Riva, Gatto Nana Nani tell me in the comment section. 

6. Shiva Cycling Adventure

Shiva Games
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Shiva Game
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If you are a big fan of Shiva than this game is made only for you because here in this game the manufacturer provides you to play with Shiva. Shiva Cycling Adventure is a game where he rings the bell on his cycle and collects coins scattered on the road of his city to help out poor people. During his ride, he faces many hurdles of traffic many hard obstacles.

So here in this game here you have to save Shiva from traffic hurdles by tapping on the screen. Sometimes a life flask will appear that gives you can get an extra life to play this game continuously. Smooth touch and easy control enhance the quality of playing this game. Enjoy Shiva Cycling Adventure, download now! this Shiva game

 Games Features:

  • Too smooth and easy to control this game.
  • A type of Adventurous cycle riding 
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Achievements and the ability to learn

7. Shiva Football Champ

Shiva Games
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Shiva Game
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Football is the most famous game in the world, and with Shiva, it is really an awesome game for your child because they loved this cartoon. Shiva Football Game is a mobile game of real football games. this game is too easy to play because you have to just target the disc of the goal post and hit them by football. Shiva game will pay with you in this game.
There are three different modes of this game like viz. career, character and free-kick and much more. Jaggu is one other character who is in this game. This is a 3D game. You feel really good at playing this Football game.
Game Feature
  • High Graphics
  • Easy to play
  • you can choose various players

6. Shiva Archery

shiva game
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Shiva Game
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Shiva has many superpowers, one of them, which is archery. He and his friends started archery in Vedas city. In this game, you will be given three arrows to hit the pumpkin targets, which will appear on the screen. With amazing graphics, and a smooth functioning play mode, this game is sure to get you hooked.

So this is the last shiva game of our list i hope you like it.


  • Intuitive sound effects
  • Cutting Edge Graphics
  • Excellent animation,
  • Challenges throw-out the game

this game helps you to test your archery skills by aiming at the pumpkin.

Shiva games Videos

Thanks you for reading our post 8 Best Shiva games download in 2020 and i hope you guys like it, And hope so you i’ll  able to find your best shiva game, If you guys also like Shin chan then here we have a list of Shin chan games click here to get.


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