Top 5 best money-making apps in 2021

Hello guys are you want to earn money by using your mobile phone…If yes then u are in the right place ever on the Internet because in this article I am gonna share the best money-making apps in 2021. Also, I saw many peoples who said it’s impossible to earn money through a simple mobile phone…But that’s totally wrong because there are many apps available that will allow you to earn money through their app.

In those apps, you have to just simply complete some simple tasks or have to play games to earn money, and yeah it’s that simple.

So are you guys excited to know more about them…? Yes then keep reading :):)

Top 5 Best money-making apps in 2021

1. Ebates

best money-making apps
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With this app, you will get cashback rewards at your favorite stores. Basically, you will get awesome shopping deals, and also by using their promo codes & coupons you can save or earn money.

As your welcome bonus, you will get $10…it’s also free to create an account so it’s really nice about this app. Here you will see 2,500+ stores so you can choose any of them to Explore deals and earn Cash Back when you buy.

Let me tell you “How you can unlock amazing savings?

Whenever you will buy something from the choose stores you will earn up to 40% Cash Back. As I already told you here you will see many stores to buy…and approximately here 2500+ stores are available like Macy’s, Nike, BestBuy Kohl’s, Sephora, QVC & many more!

Steps to earn money through this app…

Just you have to find the product whatever you want to buy then choose a store...and purchase or Shop via the app to get Cash Back on all your shopping.

Also after purchasing you will get Cash Back rewards which can be withdrawn via PayPal or check. You will also cashback by purchasing gift cards for someone special.


  • Buy at Kohl’s, Sephora, Macy’s, Ebay, Grubhub … and save!
  • Save on top brands like Nike, Samsung, Levi’s, plus many more

From where you will get Cashbacks


2. Foap – sell your photos

best money-making apps
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This is one of my best favorite apps…you know why…? It’s because of the features of the app…

In this app, you have to just simply sell your clicked photos through this app or you can also visit the website ( Foap Market at and then do the sameSo you can sell your photos through Foap Missions to top brands.

Also, Foap will distribute your photos through partners, such as Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos. Also, you can create your own web portfolio for buyers to see your photos.

If you wanna withdraw your money then you can easily withdraw your money through PayPal integration.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

best money-making apps
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Google opinion rewards is one of the most popular earning app by google. But before that you have to understand how it’s all work, I mean how you cn easrn money through this app. For starters, the app is not available or limited to only Android users. Yes, you heared right It’s also available for iPhone users as well.

By the way one more thing you can earn easily from this app by just installing this app and after that you will get the benefit from some simple same paid surveys.

Before all started one thing that you have to noted that for iPhone users all of their paypal ac. have to be credited. On the other hand, Android users get credited on their Gooel Play account.

—> Steps to earn momey through this app…

First of all you have to download this app from the Google Play Store, and then once it downloaded simply launch this app and choose your google ac. After that you will receive a preliminary test survey to help you understand the way the app works better. But one thing that you have to keep in your mind that this survey is just a test so you will not get paid for this.

Okay all done, now you have to just wait for the surveys and after that you will be paid by google. basically the surveys are majorly based on recent shopping experiences. So it’s mean the more you will serve google and buy something the more you will get surveys.

When you are ready, select your Google Play balance as the payment method or source

Now, click on Buy and your purchase is now successful…

4. Slidejoy

best money-making apps
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Slidejoy is an another app similar to google opinion rewards. Yes, you will get rewards too here and with that you can earn money through it.

How it Works

Once you register on this app you will get cards with daily new news or a promotion on your lock screen. You can Slide UP on your lock screen to see more news, and by sliding RIGHT on your lock screen you can unlock your phone and go to your home screen, by sliding LEFT on your lock screen to get more information on the content, and last by Sliding DOWN on your lock screen you can access your notifications and app shortcut menu.

To get rewards with Slidejoy, you don’t have to slide left, tap for money, or do anything other than to use your phone as you normally do. It’s a no hassle-app! You also don’t receive more or less for engaging with the ads. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE.

5. iPoll

best money-making apps
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This app offers you free rewards just like previous apps, but it’s little bit different. Like you will get gift cards, airline credits, and many more.

And by completing iPoll missions you will get rewards. These include fun tasks such as visiting a store, taking pictures, and testing products. The more missions you complete, the more rewards you will get.

Here’s how it works:

1. They will first ask you to provide some basic information about yourself to help them determine which mission you might like the most.

2. You will receive an alert whenever there is a new mission available for you.

3. Once you complete the mission your iPoll account will be credited. You can then redeem your rewards.


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