Top Most Popular iPhone Launchers For Android in 2020

In this Article i will show you the comprehensive Overview of Top Most Popular iPhone Launchers For android in 2019 which is best for Any mobile phone to change Into IOS.  So Read This article till end

Here Android and iOS have been getting closer by of the passing days but still greatly differ in terms of experience, which i will tell in this post.

Anyways whatever, We are not here to discuss the Pros and cons of the IOS but Because to tell you that you also can enjoy both interfaces on your device, that is only possible if you are an Android user which is very Important. Yes,Via with the help of some third-party apps, you also can get that taste iOS on your Android phone as well.

If you want to know an iPhone like experience on your Android Device and also looking for best iOS launchers, then here are these some useful apps that you can benefit from.

However, There is a victorious situation for you all readers out there because we have a list of the best iPhone like launchers which used to transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look like an IOS to these iOS elements. Are you ready guys to check them out? Then let us start now.

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Best iPhone Launchers For Android in 2019

To Download these Apps in just on click, then click on the App Name to download these Apps in your android Phone.

1.  XOS Launcher

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Next start up, we have XOS launcher android launcher which is another option like one can consider for iOS-experience on Android phone. This app can delivered iOS type effects with a smooth interface and also open for customization, which is one of the thing that everybody would love to work around as well.

If we talk about Another advantage of XOS Launcher app, can it is compatible even with the entry grade mobile phones. To use the XOS launcher on your phone you can also download this app from Google Play Store by follow the link of name.

Rating of this App = 4.7 stars

2. One launcher

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One of the Best One Launcher app is also one of the most stable iOS launchers to get on your Android phone. This app has clone feature Via which you get on iPhone interface and it does with an immense level of accuracy level.

When the launcher once added on your phone will automatically add the same level iOS transition effects, along with displaying icon with packs and system icons on your mobile phone. It will have an app icons which scattered around your home screen, just like iPhone/IOS, but since the app also have an customization option Via which you can easily modify it according to your taste as you want.

One Another advantage with One Launcher is that you can easily categories your phone apps in one launcher. So This way it will be easy for you all to look for a particular application which depending on the kind of work you all end up carrying out on your mobile phone. The app is easily available in Google Play Store and you can download it from just clicking on app name.

Rating of this App = 4.8 stars

3. Phone X Launcher

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This Phone X launcher is the easiest way to get an iPhone X. With the helo of Phone X Launcher, you can easily mimic Apple’s flagship phone on any of the Android smartphone. This Phone X Launcher  launcher will not only put the new iOS 12 skin on top of the Android but it also make a look and function like an iPhone X. although if you have a bezel less or notch like display phone, then Really you would love to see the iPhone-X like notch it adds on top of your screen very well.

You also can even customize the launcher as per your recommendation and swipe up to open the control center for shortcut tools. To get a little advantage of iPhone X on your Android phone, click on the name to download this App

More to know!

Their usability which comes from simple operating logic: all the other apps are launched from the home screen. All of the settings, for example, You can be found under one menu. And even if you want to  upgrade your iPhone, iOS into the newest model, the operating system of this App still works the same way and taking it into use is easy as well.

4. IOS 12 Launcher

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This IOS 12 launcher gives you the feel of the latest iPhone X version with iOS 12 interface with apple inspired wallpapers. The notifications bar are also available in the control center of IOS 12 launcher app, just like in the iPhone. You also can access weather information on home screen, here you get some  favourite contacts and calendar in the iOS 12 launcher style version. It also has rounded screen corners to make your android phone look like iPhone X type as well.

This IOS 12 Launcher is a fast and lightweight app designed by especially for Android phone launchers and tablet launchers.
Here Surf quickly through your phone -Changes : layouts, themes and wallpapers with icons theme (icon pack) Hide Apps, … unlimited widgets.

5. OS 12 launcher

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This OS 12 launcher is claimed to be gentle on your memory resources without taking any lot of space and CPU cycles. This is one of the important aspect to be consider while choosing a launcher because all launcher applications are always running in the aspect background and require some memory allocation at startup.

This app gives an users near iPhone experience with the similar interface and lock screen notifications in bar section.

OS 12 launcher Turns your phone into a real iPhone X. You also can Change your style differently than your friends mobile phones. Get boost your speed, beauty with elegance without sacrificing what you love about in Android: customizability and personalization.

To download these App in your Mobile, Just click on the Name of this App once.

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