Will my air fryer catch on fire! Are they safe?

Lately Air fryer become one of the most important kitchen appliances, and as a buyer or user the first thing that come in a person’s head is the uses and safety measurements about the products. However because of some negative reviews people are worrying to get one for their kitchen.

So this is why today in this article I am gonna discuss about whether an air fryer catches fire or not 😉 It’s true that as an electronic appliances/cooking appliances it has minimum to a maximum risk of catching fire which sometimes can cause disastrous and deadly accidents.

This is also a reason why people think that air fryers are prone to causing fire hazards but also it’s almost like an oven which is very unlikely for an air fryer to catch fire. In case if you won’t work properly then air fryer could potentially explode or catch fire.

Btw for your kind information let me tell you that every single electrical devices has their own potential for an explosion, and if the air fryer is operated within the recommended guidelines then it can easily cause some issues.

Reasons that can cause fire:

  • Electrical failure
  • Overheating
  • Improper maintenance

Will my air fryer catch on fire! or explode?

Will my air fryer catch on fire
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In the internet there are hardly any people who faced something terrible like burst into flames because of Air fryer. But still it doesn’t mean that Air fryer can’t catch fire or explode.

However I believe that if a person will take all the proper precautions of using an air fryer then I don’t think there will be any reason of occurring such events. But yeah as I said you must have to take all the precautions properly, after all this is also an electronic device that produces heat.

And As we know that if there’s a heat/fire then there’s the possibility of a disastrous situation even if all the safety boxes were checked.

Sometimes there may some situation occurs that cause fire/explode in an air fryer. Btw an air fryer does not explode so easily until you are using something from the outside, and the biggest dangers will come from the accumulation of water under the fryer or because of overfilling with food.

But there’s a lot more to learn about air fryers and the possible dangers they may have in the future.

Common mistakes that can cause fire in Air fryer


Overheating is one of the most common cause of fire when it comes to any electronic devices. The most common reason of overheating is an accidental fault in the circuits or the way the device is designed by the manufacturer.

The one and only fact that no one can change is all electronic devices generate heat, which is also known as electronic heat. After all every electronic devices has electric conducting components and that always use slightly inefficient electricity.

So in short there are some components in the air fryer that incidentally turns into heat when the electricity is running through, and time to time the heat become more hotter that we call it overheat.

However common people like us won’t even notice this because the thing I am talking about is not the heating element. I am talking about the heat that is coming from the electric chip component of the air fryer. This is also known as the main brain of every single air fryer, and mostly you used to press a single button which is connected to it to get the air fryer started.


Now the question is how can you prevent and understand that your Air fryer is completely okay? The answer is simple, just follow these steps that I am gonna tell you below…

  • The first and most common thing you need to notice is, if there are any smoke coming out of the machine/cord or not.
  • If you notice anything or see that the cords are damaged or frayed then you must have to repair it.
  • In some cases you may also notice some discoloration in the outlet which is also a bad indication.
  • And the last do check that your air fryer is warmer or hotter or not than it’s usual temperature.

Electrical failures:

Electrical failures are also one of the most common cause of fire/explode in most electrical devices. Basically an electrical failure is caused by faulty electrical outlets. Sometimes it can cause because of the faults in the appliance cords or even the switches that power the device.

However an air fryer don’t have a ground plug on their cord which is most likely not a good thing as an electrical device. Because a two-prong electrical connection to an outlet has a higher chance of creating an electrical fire.

So if you notice a problem in the worn cord that can spread heat and sparks, then it is always better not to use an air fryer until the problem is fixed.

Sometime you may also smell that something is burning and mostly this always comes from plastic or metal which started melting cause of electrical fire in its infancy.

Washing Incorrectly:

Will my air fryer catch on fire
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You may think that how can this be a issue which can cause fire but believe me this is one of the main reasons that make it probe to catch fire.

For you kind information let me tell you that you can’t wash the air fryer entirely with water, because this is an electrical cooking appliance so you can’t use water directly. As we all know that electric components of it are exposed to water, so the functionality of every electrical components can be affected so badly.

This can also lead the air fryer to short-circuit and then catching on fire. That’s why I am highly recommending you to clean your air fryer at least once in every 2 months.

Note: Foods that naturally contain high amounts of fat will eventually build up this residue quicker in your air fryer.

Video Tutorial:

Using extra Oil:

Will my air fryer catch on fire
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YES, using extra oil can actually make an air fryer catching on fire. However almost every air fryer manufacturer claimed that their air fryers are oil-free appliances, especially for such foods that already contain fat such as meat.

However you will still need extra oil which is very low in quantity. So in this case, when excess oil is being used to cook food in the fryer, it can lead to fire risk.

Certainly, fried food is all about greasiness and oil. Often while cooking traditionally, it is not uncommon for people to use an excessive amount of oil. Yet, while using the air fryer, it is advised to use only a tablespoon of oil or even none.


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